2017 Recap

2D Con 2017: Pixel Paradise was held at the Double Tree hotel in Bloomington between August 11th and August 13th. There were 2100 attendees which means we have already grown 160% from when we started! In addition to a Keynote that featured Andrew Reiner, Chris Kluwe, and Justin Courtney Pierre, and the concerts performed by the Twin Cities Brass Band, Super Marcato Bros, and Bards of the Goddesses, 2D Con had numerous panels, tournaments, games, indie developers, and vendors.

The Indie Island saw a lot of traffic throughout the weekend, and included multiple independent developers and their games, as well as several VR demo stations. On Saturday No Dog Left Behind and their friendly canines stopped in for a visit, while Fight or Flight Academy brought us a challenging parkour obstacle course to get our blood flowing!

No matter how you spent your time at 2D Con, it will be remembered fondly because of the helpful staff, the great gaming community, and the informative speakers. With the offer of cake (which was a lie) and hidden Pokemon trinkets, 2D Con kept everyone on their toes. 2DCon attendees also connected on Discord and Facebook to establish a thriving community before, during, and after 2D Con 2017: Pixel Paradise!

2D Con 2018: Critical Hit will be a punch of excitement! Get ready to create more memories and fun together with the gaming community!

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