Critical Hit!

Pixel Paradise is over, and the island has been hit by a tidal wave of epic proportions. Worry not, we can rebuild.

2D Con 2018 is coming soon. All of the gaming glory you’ve come to expect, plus new and exciting guests, musical acts, and tournaments. Next year you can expect some major changes while we work on expanding 2D Con with more space, and more events. It’s going to be a critical hit.

You may have noticed that the website has been completely revamped, but did you notice the new social features? We want you to meet other attendees and be able to keep in touch in between events. Now you can message others, plan meetups, create fan-groups, and share your gamertags.

You may have also noticed (I hope you noticed, since you are reading this, and this in itself is new) that we now have a blog! We were holding out on adding a blog so we could focus on running quality events without worrying about keeping a blog up to date. Well, we gave up on that (not the quality events part… we will still do that) and will be posting news related to 2D Con and our partners right here on! Each and every post will also be shared via our Twitter and Facebook, because we want you to be informed of everything that is going on behind the scenes of your favorite convention.


From all of us at This is Geek, from the bottom of our heart pieces,
Thank you for another great year!

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