2D Con – COVID-19 Update

Dear 2D Con attendees and fans,

It is with great sadness that we are announcing the cancellation of 2D Con 2020.

With the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic we are not comfortable hosting the event and putting even a single person’s health in jeopardy. The safety of our staff, guests, vendors, artists and attendees is our number one priority.

2D Con is, and always will be, a volunteer run event. We spend hours planning and organizing the convention out of our love for the gaming community. Rest assured this was not an easy choice to make, but it is our responsibility to look after everyone associated with 2D Con, no matter the cost.

We pride ourself on being the largest gaming convention in the state. We do everything we can to provide affordable and family friendly entertainment that you can’t get anywhere else all while raising money for charity.

What does this mean going forward?

We are currently planning a way to host 2D Con online on the same weekend. Panels, Midwest Speedfest, tournaments, etc. to help get us all through this difficult time. We will still be raising money for The Able Gamers Foundation! We will be working with The Yetee to see if we can still release our 2020 t-shirts to be ordered online. Make sure to follow the main 2D Con social media pages and the 2D Con 2020 event page for all of these fun updates as they become available.


All 2020 registrations will automatically roll-over to 2D Con 2021: Theme Unknown, August 27th – 29th. For those of you who would like a refund, you will have the option to receive a full refund very soon. Information on requesting a refund will be sent via email to everyone who has currently pre-registered.

Hotel Reservations:

If you have reserved a hotel room for 2020, please reach out to the hotel directly for cancellation. 


All artists/vendors who were accepted to 2020 will have their spot saved for 2021 should they choose to roll over. An email with instructions on how to roll over or opt out will be coming this week.

Please pardon our website while we are very actively making updates!!

Like many events and businesses, we have a long road of recovery ahead of us, and we know one of the first questions our wonderful attendees will ask is how to help make sure we are able to continue so below are some ways that you can help:

  1. Roll over your registration.
    1. If you are pre-registered, roll-over to next year. This is an automated process and requires no intervention on your part.
  2. Pre-register for 2021!
    1. We have opened up registration for 2021. Registration will remain at $30 for a normal adult badge (Until January 1st), or $100 for a VIP badge. Both registration options will let you choose to donate to 2D Con, any amount helps.
  3. Get your friends to pre-register!
    1. Seriously registrations are the most helpful thing for a convention like us, not only does this help us financially, it gives us insight on how many attendees to expect so we can properly plan.
  4. If we go live with The Yetee shirts buy one… or two!
    1. A large portion of each sale goes back to our chosen charity – The Able Gamers Foundation.
  5. Go mark yourself as going to the 2021 Event Page
    1. https://www.facebook.com/events/391317368482374/
  6. Join our discord channel – https://discord.gg/savepointmn
    1. We post frequent updates here as well!
    2. Staff members are available for questions in the #ask-the-staff channel
    3. Get connected with other gamers

As an added incentive, anyone who is pre-registered for 2021 by August 28th will receive a 1 choice to receive a special limited edition 2020 item (A pin, a program guide, a badge, etc) and will have first access to hotel reservations for 2021.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on FacebookDiscord or via email

Stay safe – we are in this together.

With love,
2D Con

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Just want to chat?