2D Con Market Rules and Regulations

2D Con – A celebration of all things gaming. 2D Con is Minnesota’s largest gaming event ran to raise money for charity!
In order to keep the quality of our Artist Alley and Market the most genuine it can be, we ask that you heed the following rules.

Regarding All Applicants

  • All applicants must be 18 years of age or older, as required by Minnesota Law.
  • 2D Con staff are not responsible for any tax information and it is the responsibility of the Artist, Studio, Store, Individual to file responsibly.
  • If you are accepted, you are committed to attend. If something comes up and you have to forfeit your table, please inform us as soon as possible.
  • All accepted applicants must attend all three days of the convention during Market hours. Early take-downs are assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Artist and Vendor Only – Each table will be provided with two chairs, and as such only TWO associates will be allowed behind the table at a time. Vendors with more than two tables are assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • All accepted applicants are expected to set up their tables before the Market/Indie Room opens on Friday afternoon. If you are not signed in and registered by then and you haven’t communicated as such, we reserve the right to forfeit your table and grant it to someone on the waitlist.

Regarding Products

  • Edible items are not permitted for sale in the Market.
  • Any adult materials (18+) must be kept out of view of minors. All artists are responsible for checking proper identification when asked to view said materials.
  • No live steel sales permitted.
  • Artist Only –
    • All artists must sell only work that they themselves have designed or created.
      • Proxy sales are permitted with written permission from the artist directly. All written permissions should be provided prior to 2DCon where possible.
    • Copyrighted materials (such as logos or official designs) are not permitted.
      • Fanart is permitted, granted they follow this guideline.
      • Things like screencaps or copyrighted sprites are considered a copyright violation and are not permitted at the market.
  • Vendor Only –
    • Bootleg items of unofficial merchandise will not be permitted
    • In the case of used games, all parts of the game must be fully tested
    • Food or beverages MUST be cleared by 2D Con staff and the hotel prior to the event

Regarding Space

  • Artist Only –
    • Table sharing between studios is permitted, but we would prefer for you to apply as a group through our application
      • If you have a last minute change such as adding a studio, please let staff know as early as possible so we can put both studios in our program guide
  • Everyone
    • Please be conscious and considerate of the space you are allocated, do not crowd or obstruct the displays of your neighbors!
      • Please use caution with print walls
      • Backward facing prints that disrupt other artists displays are not permitted
    • Only two chairs are allowed behind each paid table
      • If you have more than two artists at your table then please plan shifts and space accordingly.
      • If you have a medical need for more chairs please let staff know so we can communicate that to the hotel asap and get that sorted prior to the event
    • Spaces are allocated by Tables – if you want two spaces but only one table that is fine but the payment would come across as two tables.

If you are found in violation of any of the regulations, we will offer a warning and ask you to take down the offending item (or stop the offending behavior). If the issue persists you may be asked to forfeit the rights to your table for the remainder of the convention.