2D Con Panel and Meet up FAQ and Regulations

When can I see the complete schedule of events for the convention?
The finalized schedule will be available on the site 3-4 weeks prior to the convention.

Can my panel/meetup be at a specific day/time?
No. However, if you will not be at the convention until a particular time or are otherwise committed, we may be able to make an exception. (e.g. You’re flying in from out of town and won’t be at the convention until late Friday night, or you’re participating in the Cosplay contest, etc.) Please be sure to include this information when you submit your panel request if this is the case.

Can my panel/meetup be longer than an hour?
No. To ensure that everyone who wants to run a panel is able to, panels should be kept to a one hour time limit.

Can I run a panel/meetup only for ages 18+?
Yes! However, 2D Con strives to maintain a family-friendly, PG-13 rated (at most) convention. If the panel you are proposing is specifically about adult material, it may warrant an 18+ rating and a later time slot.

Can I use multimedia in my panel/meetup?
You bet! If you have a laptop of your own and would like to use a projector, speakers, DVD player, etc. to show a PowerPoint presentation, videos, or other multimedia, please be sure to include this in your panel submission form so our staff can make accommodations. If your panel can function just as well without a projector or sound system though, we encourage you to do so. We have a limited number of technical resources available.

Can I borrow a laptop for my panel/meetup?
2D Con cannot provide a laptop for panel or meet up purposes.