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2D Con is proud to feature the largest arcade in Minnesota, with over 120 arcade and pinball machines all set to free play!

Leave your quarters at home and join us for the best arcade experience you can have.
We have everything from golden age classics, to modern rhythm games like Pump it Up and Dance Dance Revolution.

Brought to you by Paradise Arcade Shop –  If you need arcade or fight stick parts Paradise is the place to go!

Looking to sell a game, or just to share? You can do that to, check out the perks you can receive just by bringing a game.


Have an arcade cabinet or pinball machine you’re thinking about showcasing or selling at 2D Con?

Sign up to bring it to the 2021 2D Con Arcade! As our way of saying “Thank You!” to our donors and loaners, we’ll give you! As long as it’s an Arcade Game or a Pinball machine, we welcome any size, shape, or vintage!  Unique and rare games are encouraged!

For 2021, there are only 150 VIP tickets available so act fast to receive all of these benefits:

  • Our eternal gratitude!
  • Limited edition VIP Badge allowing you access to all VIP events and privileges
    • Everything included in a General Admission ticket
    • Access to the VIP Party Friday Night
    • Access to the VIP line at Registration
    • Access to the game floor during set up
  • 2021 Sponsor Trinket
  • 2021 Event T-Shirt
  • 5 drawings into the prize pool–this could include your hotel stay!
  • 30 minutes early access to the vendor room with VIP badge

We’re focusing on growing our pinball section at 2D Con this year.  As an added perk for those bringing a pinball machine to the convention,  we will be giving pinball donors these extras:

  • 30 minutes early access to the vendor room with VIP badge AND  $10/machine in 2D Con Vendo Money(™) – this works just like cash in our marketplace!
  • Private pinball tournament JUST for the pinheads. Must be a PINBALL donor to participate.

We realize game donors may wish to sell their game while at the con. 2D Con welcomes this! As a VIP you will have early access to the donor list and will be allowed to view games on the floor before anyone else has had a chance to see them.  

You will not only be able to tag and price your machine at the con but you’ll be able to bid first on any machines you might be looking for! We ask that if you sell a machine during the convention, that the new owner does not take possession until the end of the convention.  If this is not possible, please work with arcade support staff directly so that we can ensure the game’s safe departure from the facility.

Yeah, we know.  No one likes rules.  But we have to make it fair for everyone involved!  If you are filling out this form to participate in being a donor and loaning a machine to the convention, you agree to the following terms:

  • Games must be playable, working, and set to free play (or rigged to play free).
  • 2D Con is not responsible for damaged or broken machines before/during/after the event.
  • We request that you have your machine on-site by August 26th at 11pm.
    • If you’re unable to deliver your machine at the time allotted, please contact the convention so we can attempt to work out the details for your machine’s safe arrival at the con. We would rather your machine arrive late than not at all.
    • Detailed instructions for delivery of your machine to the Hyatt in Minneapolis will be provided to ensure the safety of your arcade or pinball machine and where to pick up your VIP Ticket(s)!
  • Filling out this form in advance guarantees the VIP benefits above.
  • 150 VIP tickets are available in 2021 and are available to guests and select staff.
  • *VIP Tickets are limited to qty (4) per donor.  
  • While we love MAME,  Arcade machines featuring Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator software may be subject to review before they are approved for use on the Arcade floor.
  • Donors who do not fill out the form but still wish to bring a game to obtain a VIP badge may not receive all of the benefits!
  • The deadline for this application is July 31st, 2021  Any applications received after this date may not be considered.
  • 2D Con reserves the right to reject applications at their discretion.


2021 Arcade Sponsors

Bring a Machine to 2D Con

  • We require all arcade donors to have a phone number on file to ensure easy communication during the event.
  • Machine NameManufacturerFor Sale? 
    Please list each machine that you will be bringing, as well as the manufacturer and if you are planning to sell the machine at the convention. To add a new line click on the plus icon location to the right of the fields.