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These are general rules that apply to all 2D Con branding and related assets, exceptions may be made but must go through official channels.

All logos must be either a single color (Black or White) or tri-color utilizing the 2D Con Blue listed below.

Utilization and Placement

If utilizing the 2D Con logo on a busy or colorful background we recommend utilizing a single color logo that directly contrasts the background color, such as white on black.

The 2D Con assets may not be altered in anyway. Do not distort, or otherwise change the shape of the logo.

Color Guide

2D Con uses three primary colors in our designs, black, blue, and white.
The hex colors are as follows:

Black #000000 – Standard Fonts
Blue #19375f
– Links and Headers
White #FFFFFF –
Backgrounds and Outlines


2D Con uses Dosis as it’s official font. This font is available through the Google fonts library.


Logo White
Logo Black