Announcing our 2D Con 2024 Cosplay Contest Judges!

DewFeathers Dewfeathers is an award winning cosplayer, accomplished dancer, and lifelong environmentalist. She often crafts her cosplays and original designs using recycled, thrifted, and up-cycled materials. Through her Reduce, Reuse, […]

Here’s to 10 Years of 2D Con

On this day in 2015, the very first 2D Con became a reality. This year, we celebrate 10 years of coming together as a community and celebrating our love for […]

Welcome Carlos Ferro Back to 2D Con

2D Con is excited to welcome alumni guest Carlos Ferro to 2D Con 2024: Survival! Carlos is known for his iconic role as Dominic Santiago in the “Gears of War” […]

Let’s Talk Survival

Since it’s inception in 2015 2D Con has carried on individual themes for each year that tell a story and add a unique feeling to each event. This years theme […]

Our New, Old Home – The Doubletree

We are very excited to share that we are moving to the DoubleTree in Bloomington, MN for 2D Con Prime 2024 and future years. The dates will remain the same […]

$10,000 Raised for The AbleGamers Foundation!

2D Con 2020 – Online Edition was a great success with over $10,000 raised for The AbleGamers Foundation! The AbleGamers Foundation is a cause that is very important to us […]

2D Con Online

As a reminder 2D Con is a 100% volunteer based event to raise money for The AbleGamers Foundation! We believe that gaming should be accessible to everyone! Even though we cannot meet in person we are hoping to raise a good amount – if you have it to spare – wonderful!

We’re kicking things off with Midwest Speedfest, Minnesota’s Premiere Speedrunning event! Midwest Speedfest is four days long this year and features some amazing runs!

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