Don’t forget your lute.

2D Con has hosted many talented musicians over the years, including great artists like I Fight Dragons, and Taylor Davis.

We make it our goal to seek out amazing video game influenced musical acts that can put on the best show possible.

We’ve even hosted a 32 piece brass band!

For 2019 we are happy to bring in two new artists, and a returning band!

2019 Entertainment


Trevor Gomes (88bitmusic) is a Los Angeles native and a composer, pianist, producer and performer.

His discography includes the most comprehensive piano album of Pokemon Red and Blue and the official piano album for the indie hit Celeste.

He is perhaps best known for his Twitch channel, 88bitmusic, where he performs viewer requests live.

In 2018, he opened the TwitchCon keynote with an hour-long live set comprised of music suggested by the audience. He has performed twice alongside Felicia Day as part of charity fundraisers.


Fusing passion for music, gaming, and anime culture comes easy to James Campbell. Known as 2ToneDisco, he uses these different facets interchangeably to create his own path through the Asian&US circuits.

Between making his Japanese label debut via Attack The Music with a successful show in Tokyo and his recent performances at the 2018 Anime Expo&Miku Expo’s, 2ToneDisco is taking his upbeat, DDR influenced music globally.

Growing up in a household filled with strong rock & electronic musical influences, videogames, and anime, 2ToneDisco began tapping into his musical side at a young age – purchasing his first set of turntables in his teens. As his love for DJing grew, so did his passion for producing. With multiple releases under his belt and via indie labels such as Buygore and Play Me Records, 2Tone has more up his sleeve than ever before. Be on the lookout as he has some major collaborations in the works with some Japanese all-stars, taking over the Tokyo club circuit one uplifting beat at a time. In the meantime, tune into Block.FM and checkout 2Tone’s latest mix and get your day started off right.