***Important Announcement Regarding 2D Con and COVID-19***  

Dear 2D Con attendees and participants –
At this time, projections estimate that that spread of the COVID-19 virus will slow down tremendously as we move into the summer. For that reason, there are no current plans to cancel or postpone 2D Con 2020. However, because we take the health and well-being of our attendees seriously, we are closely monitoring the spread of the virus and will continue to comply with public safety recommendations from the WHO and CDC.

We will be taking extra precautions starting with the 2020 convention (and moving forward) to have a dedicated disinfecting crew wiping down controllers, arcade machines and other commonly touched surfaces regularly. We also highly recommend that you follow the safety guide provided by the CDC, which can be found here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/index.html

This includes isolation as much as possible, washing hands thoroughly, and avoiding touching your face.

If the situation has not improved by June/July, we will look into offering the option to roll your 2D Con 2020 registration over to 2D Con 2021. In the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel due to public health recommendations, we will also be offering refunds in addition to the roll over option.

We are aware that ever-growing list of event cancellations is having a negative impact on artists and vendors, for many of whom conventions are the main source of income. (Unfortunately we cannot offer a lower price for our Indies it is already as low as it can be unless we find a sponsor for the Indie area!) Therefore, we will be reducing our table rates for 2020 to the following:
Artist Rates:
6X8 – $70
8X8 – $90

10X10 – $170

Alongside our reduced rates for artists and vendors we will also be extending a discount for individuals whose convention season has been interrupted due to an event cancellation and would otherwise not have attended 2D Con. This will come in the form of a $5-$10 discount extended to new 2D Con attendees only, after receiving proof of original registration and that event having an official public cancellation notice.

More details will be available soon, and we encourage you to contact us if you have concerns or suggestions regarding our plans. In the meantime if you are looking for a place to connect with other gamers minus the risk please join us on discord –  https://discord.gg/savepointmn

From all of us at 2D Con,
Stay safe and game on.