Indie Island

2D Con is home to independent local developers, the Indie Island is a great place to find new up and coming games and talk to the people who made them.

Help them out by providing anonymous feedback and voting for your favorites to win some fun prizes.

Want to be a member of Indie Island at 2D Con?

Being a member of Indie Island 2D Con is a great way to meet a targeted audience and get some amazing feedback.

Our 2017 Indie Island table reservation rates are as follows:
$25.00  for an 8′ long by 2′ wide table

*Indies must provide their own display equipment.
*Limit one table per Development Team/Featured Game
*Table reservation does not include membership for the 2017 year

Interested in being a member of Indie Island at 2D Con 2017? Fill out our Indie Island application.

2017 Developers

  • Coming soon!

Categories to vote on:

  • Best Indie Game
  • Best Visuals
  • Best Gameplay
  • Best Musical Score

2016 Development Winners

2016 Developers

  • ZacharyJohnson and SuperTommy64 – Featuring: Joggernauts – a couch co-op multiplayer party runner.
  • Thoughtshelter Games– Featuring: Druids Duel – A challenging game of Strategy and Mischief!
  • Intropy Games – Featuring: TBD But we know it is going to be amazing!
  • unTied Games – Featuring: A few of the games throughout the weekend! Check the link to see what they will be bringing!
  • Northern Heart Studios – Featuring: Pinbrawl – a fun, action-packed game that puts players face-to-face in an elimination-style pinball death match!
  • Noble Robot – Metro Nexus: a 4-player battle that is a combination of Splatoon and Joust!
  • Patrick Leder – Featuring: Vast: The Crystal Caverns – The Ultimate asymmetric cave-crawling adventure where you are the brave knight, goblin horde, massive dragon, malevolent cave, or cunning thief. One of our most anticipated new board games here at 2D Con!
  • Grahm Smith – Featuring: Catapult Zone – Use real siege machines to knock down your opponents towers! A thrill to have this in our Table Top Indie Dev area!
  • Shanti P – Featuring: Chimera Genesis – A fast paced 1-4 player co-op! Defeat bosses and equip their limbs for more power!
  • Howling Moon Software – Featuring: Verdant Skies – A relaxing life simulation game packed with farming, crafting, and a diverse cast of characters to befriend or date!
  • Reeline Studios – Featuring: Sparkour – Race against your friends in an all-out battle of speed and quick thinking to see who can sprint to the finish line first!
  • FrostPunch Games – Featuring: Recompile
  • 4:8 Games – Featuring: Paper Car –  Pick up your pencils and paper for the best races this side of Crayola! Build your cars, create your tracks, and test your limits on your own creations!
  • Hive Mind Studios – Featuring: Trap House – Try to escape the Trap House in this 1-8 player party game. How will you survive?
  • Exalted Guy Interactive – Featuring: Interstellar Logistics Inc. –  An action puzzle game, in which the player uses the gravity of local planets to deliver cargo.
  • Nevenga Games – Featuring: Spellbound Potions – Play as one of 5 magical creatures to escape evil scientists and save the magical world!
  • Escape Industries – Featuring: Fingeance – A 4-player side-scrolling shoot-em-up with a massive focus on teamwork. Collectible upgrades allow players to defend and support one another, turning traditional shmup combat into pitched battles reminiscent of MMO raid boss fights. Levels and upgrades are generated randomly, so decision-making is just as important as fast reflexes.

2015 Developers

  • Thought Shelter
  • Zachstronaut LLC
  • Abyssal Arts
  • Intropy Games

Want to represent your game at 2D Con?

Being an Indie Developer at 2D Con is a great way to meet a targeted audience and gain a ton ofexposure.

Our 2016 Indie Developer rates are as follows.
Free:  for an 8′ long by 2′ wide table

Space is limited: Please email [email protected] to secure your space
Indie Devs must provide their own display equipment.