24 Hours of Non-Stop Gaming


Minnesota’s largest arcade with over 100 arcade and pinball machines, all set to free play. Leave the quarters at home and enjoy more gaming than you can handle

Aiming to get a high-score in Pac-Man, or just looking to relive the glory days of classic arcades? We have you covered!

We have everything from golden age classics, to modern rhythm games like Pump it Up and Dance Dance Revolution.

Have a cabinet to show off, or looking to sell? We offer incentives, including free registration just for bringing your cabinet(s) in, check out all of the perks on the bring a cab page.


From Atari to Xbox One we have at least one of every console set up in our console area at all times. There you have access to our personal library that can be checked out! If video games aren’t your thing walk on over to tabletop where there are scheduled events but also plenty of tables with full access to our tabletop library!

Have an obscure or homebrew game that you want to share with the world?
Bring it along and we can put in in one of our consoles.

Indie Island

2D Con is home to independent local developers, the Indie Island is a great place to find new up and coming games and talk to the people who made them.

Help them out by providing anonymous feedback and voting for your favorites to win some fun prizes and bragging rights! 

We’re honored to have been the first place that many great games have been demo’d. 


2D Con started as a LAN event called Digital Destruction, and we haven’t forgotten our roots. 

While LAN gaming is no longer the only focus of the event it is still a large part. With spots for 100 PCs and multiple PC tournaments,  we are best at what we do.

Tabletop and Collectible Cards

Roll dice, or sling spells 2D Con has over two-hundred tabletop titles to choose from and casually play as well as many tournaments and scheduled events.

We have everything from Yatzhee to Settlers of Catan.

Looking to roleplay? Pathfinder Society will be on site all weekend long running through campaigns.