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Originally from Covington, Washington, Corina started community theater when they were a child. From then on they knew this is what they wanted to do. Corina Started taking classes and had their first paid professional gig under the age of 10. From there, Corina kept the dream by continuing professional theater in Seattle, moving into on camera work in Los Angeles, and now does voice over as well. You can see them in shows like The Mick and My Name is Earl. You can hear them voice in shows like Sailor Moon, One Punch Man, and Trolls: the Beat Goes on, and in video games like the Ai: The Somnium Files.

Corina currently lives in Los Angeles. They have Crohn’s disease and arthritis, which did put them in a wheel chair for 3 years but after much therapy and medication they are taking Pole Dancing and Aerial Circus training! Corina is also an actor that is on the autism spectrum & is non-binary.

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