Indie Island

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Space Mace

Treasure Stack

PixelLakes, LLC

Newt One


Dwelling Part 0

Luke Mayo


unTied Games

Widget Satchel

Noble Robot

Tactics V: Obsidian Brigade

From Nothing




Tribe Games

Bomb Sworders


Cricket From The Stars

SuperBeefy Software



Astral Gunners

Sati Bros

2D Con is home to independent local developers, the Indie Island is a great place to find new up and coming games and talk to the people who made them. View our 2018 Indie Island list below! Names have clickable links when applicable!

Help them out by providing anonymous feedback and voting for your favorites to win some fun prizes and bragging rights!

These games have all been to the island.

Previous 2D Con Indie Island award winners.

  • LUNAR SIGNALS – The Moon Fields
    • 2018: Game of the Show, Best Artwork/Visuals, Best Multiplayer
  • DevNAri – Newt One
    • 2018: Best Musical Score
    • 2017: Best Game Play, Best Musical Score, Best Single Player, Game of the Show
  • Howling Moon Software – Verdant Skies
    • 2018: Best Single Player
    • 2017: Best Artwork/Visuals 
  • PIXELakes – Treasure Stack
    • 2018: Best Game Play
  • Northern Heart – Pinbrawl
    • 2017: Best Game Play, Best Multiplayer
    • 2016: Best Artwork/Visuals
  • Space Mace LLC –  Joggernauts
    • 2016: Game of the Show, Best Musical Score
  • Escape Industries – Fingeance
    • 2016: Best Game Play

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