Indie Island

2D Con is home to independent local developers, the Indie Island is a great place to find new up and coming games and talk to the people who made them. View our 2018 Indie Island list below! Names have clickable links when applicable!

Help them out by providing anonymous feedback and voting for your favorites to win some fun prizes and bragging rights!

Want to be a member of the Indie Island at 2D Con 2018?

2018 Indie Island information:

  • Table Cost: $75 single table (includes two registrations)*
  • Additional Reg: $20 – For if you need more than two people to help with the table
  • Deadline: May 1st – If chosen you will be notified before May 8th
  • Payment Due: June 1st

Interested in becoming a vendor for 2D Con 2018? Fill out our Indie Island Application after reviewing the Rules and Regulations.

Developers who have shown games on the island.

Howling Moon Software LLP Verdant Skies

Verdant Skies is a life simulation game born from a love for games like Harvest Moon and a desire to create something unique with modern gameplay and deep storytelling. Lose yourself in the lovingly hand-painted alien world of Viridis Primus. Ensure the success of the colony as you make friends and pursue romance with a diverse cast of characters. Demonstrate your mastery of the farming system by creating the perfect crop hybrid using the genetic splicing machine – or spend your days painting and making pottery.

Space Mace Joggernauts

Joggernauts is a cooperative switching game about trying NOT to kill your friends.


The Moon Fields is an upcoming high speed sword & sorcery brawler for two to eight players. Choose from dozens of characters, melee weapons, magic spells, weird gadgets, and more to compete in fast paced matches where you smash or get smashed.

PIXELakes Treasure Stack

Treasure Stack is a fast paced falling block puzzle game where organization and lightning reflexes combine to create intense multiplayer versus matches.

Hybrid Humans Who Lurkds

Who Lurks is a local party game involving deception. Where players assume the role of crew members on the AE Hybrid spaceship. Play as a human protecting the crew, or stay undercover as an alien saboteur set on eradicating all human life. Each player takes turns performing tasks to conceal or reveal the alien lifeform.

Owen Roberts Endlessness

Endlessness is an existential take on the endless runner genre. Collect televisions, coffee pots and toilets as you walk across a procedurally generated landscape of graveyards, ghosts and computer generated poems. Choose from six characters to control as they search for meaning by collecting letters from an alien alphabet.

Seema Datar SwayBods

SwayBods is all about making the bubble monsters happy by swaying them. Tap the bubble monsters to get them swaying but time the taps well to make sure they do not collide with each other.

A Thing Made By Me Washed Up

Washed Up is a joyful physics-based, action-arcade game on the open seas! Collect treasure, avoid sharks, fire cannons, and jump through hoops to see how far you make it. With each passing day, the dangers become more numerous and deadly!

SuperMove Games Fourzy

Fourzy is a two player online mobile strategy game inspired by the classic four-in-a-row game. Players take turns sending cute magical creatures onto unique boards filled with fun and constantly changing elements. Fourzy is simple enough for anyone to learn, and deep enough to provide a challenge to a deep thinking gamer.

PLG (Paradox Loop Games) Soul Cast

Play as a mysterious human that discovers why they were framed for murder in this RPG, with a dash of survival. As the days go on during the exile from the city, learn how to craft, fight, survive, and cast magic.

unTied Games Atmocopter

Atmocopter is a game where you control a little helicopter robot, and blast your way through enemies and solve puzzles!

DevNAri LLC Newt One

A fun, colorful, & musical 3D Platformer You play as Newt, a new tone in a musical land that has fallen to the Great Slumber. Awakening this sleeping, silent world is Newt’s rite of passage. Restore your realm’s music, life, and color!

Squid Land Flaiure

Flaiure is a 4 player party game with unconventional medieval physics. You fight your friends and compete for the crown!

“Donut Cove” A Game with a TV in It

A surreal adventure game about a flask of water exploring a perfectly normal house

Tribe Games HyperDot

HyperDot is a deceptively simple and stunningly minimal, action arcade dodge ’em up. Evade enemies and test your skills in over 100 trials, outlast your friends in multiplayer battles, or build custom challenges with the level editor. Can you survive the gauntlet of enemies?

Northern Heart Pinbrawl

Local Multiplayer Pinball Deathmatch

Sati Bros Astral Gunners

Journey across the galaxy to stop the infamous Dark Gunner, shoot your way through hordes of his robotic enemies, and thread the needle as you dodge a flurry of bullets in Astral Gunners. Push your skills to the limit as you attempt to achieve the highest score possible, with intuitive yet deep mechanics that change for each character. Whether you’re an aggressive player, a strategically minded player, or somewhere in-between, there’s bound to be a gunner from the roster of five that fits your playstyle. Bring a friend along with drop-in/drop-out co-op to make saving the galaxy from eternal despair a bit easier and a lot more fun!