Learn, Speak, Meet.

Panels and Meetups

Let’s get together and talk about our favorite game or genre of games! Lets meetup to discover how many other people who are obsessed with Final Fantasy!
The sky is the limit for what fandoms exist at 2D Con! If you want to host a panel or meetup we want to hear from you!

The deadline for submissions has ended. Keep and eye out for a list of panels and meetups!

Past Panels:
Love your cosplay body
GameMastering 101
FanFiction to Professional Writing
Let’s draw a dragon head
So you want to be a Youtube gamer
A Mario Party Panel by Avid Geek
Adventure Design 101
A brief history of casual magic the gathering
Game Make Corp Live
Video game Music Trivia D&D Style
Frankensteining patterns
Staying Sober at a CON
Surviving Tournament Day
Content Creation
The Art of Gaming Music
Anime Jeopardy
Streaming for Charity
MegaDads Podcast

Past Meetups:
Playtest Live Community Meetup
Twitch Community meetup
Cosplay Meetup