Host an Event

In addition to our already programmed panels, tournaments and meetups. We want to give you the ability to host your own!

You provide the theme/game, if selected we will help provide the space and equipment if necessary!

The board will meet after to go over final schedules to see how many fan run events we can have space wise! So please make sure you enter one or two time ranges that you would be available and the best email address to reach you at. We will do our best to respond to everyone regardless if your item fits into the schedule!

We do, unfortunately, have time and size constraints otherwise we would love to just accept everyone!

First Name

Last Name

Your Email


Event you'd like to host. (Tournament/panel/meetup) And title of the event!

Time and day you'd prefer to host event. (Or write flexible for anytime)

Do you need any equipment from us or will you provide everything necessary to host this event.

How much space will you need to host this event? (Need a room or is open space ok?)

Do you anticipate the event getting loud?