Volunteer for 2D Con

2D Con is an all inclusive charitable gaming event held every summer in celebration of the gaming community. Featuring tournaments, live music, speedrunning, cosplay, industry guests, retro gaming and more; 2D Con aims to be the best event around, no matter what your gaming style is.

2D Con is run by both staff and volunteers, and is split into multiple divisions and departments. Each division has its own leader and areas of responsibility.


  • Usually work 40 hours during CON
  • Attend 80% of meetings
  • Dedicated to a single division


  • Lowest badge price of the season
  • Access to Staff room (For free food and beverages)
  • Chance to win various items (2016 items were a gaming chair and a massage)
  • Invitation to Staff after party.Our eternal gratitude!
Note: This is at-will and staff title may be revoked at any time.


  • Work minimum of 8 hours during CON
  • Must attend volunteer meeting
  • No dedicated division – work where needed


  • Require at least 8 hours, vary year to year
  • No experience needed!
  • Meet amazing new friends in the CON world
Note: This is at-will and volunteer title may be revoked at any time. 

Outreach Division – Kyle M – [email protected]


  • Indie Developers, Artists, and Vendor Applicants
    • Manage applications
    • Welcome everyone when they arrive and ensure proper table placement
    • Be in the area in case anything is needed (Power, water etc)
  • Charity / Charity Auction
    • Answer guest inquiries regarding charity.
    • Monitor charity auction
    • Process transactions during pick up
  • Community
    • Find community partners that align with our mission
    • Determine what is needed for their space
  • Tabletop and Trading Card Games
    • Manage library inventory
    • Ensure clean rooms/tables
    • Directing participants to correct locations
    • Announce upcoming events

Social Gaming Division – Kevin S – [email protected]|


  • Open Gaming
    • Manage library inventory
    • Ensure clean rooms
    • Directing participants to correct locations
  • LAN
    • Ensure fair rotation when full
    • Must be comfortable with hardware
  • VR
    • Line Management
    • Plan game schedule and ensure to advertise what is played when
  • Arcade
    • Assist with load in and out of our arcade partners
    • If needed help locate more/new arcade partners
    • Find Pinball

Events Division – Joseph O – [email protected]


  • Tournaments
    • Ensure clean rooms
    • Directing participants and spectators to correct locations
    • Fill out equipment request and send to Operations
    • Request mainstage time for streamed tournaments
    • Verify badges
  • Networking
    • Ensure network is up and running all weekend long
  • Tech
    • Work with Director of Technology leading up to the event to ensure ConDB, ConOps and the App are all ready to go in a timely manner
    • Be first line of defence for troubleshooting at con tech related issues
  • Production
    • Panels
      • Manage applications and schedule
    • Mainstage
      • Manage overall schedule
      • Review mainstage requests
    • Decor
      • Work with our artist partners to create more gaming items and some items related to the theme
    • Photography
      • Manage our Photography partners
      • Have plan for gathering the photos at the end of convention

Services Division – Ryan K – [email protected]


  • Guests
    • Manage transportation and stay for guests
    • Ensure best time is had
    • Ensure guest is where they need to be when they need to be
  • Sponsors
    • Ensure sponsors are treated like guests
    • Make sure their space is ready for them before they arrive
    • Sponsor packets ready to go during checkin
  • Registration
    • Manage registration and transactions
    • Must be at least 16
    • Manage schedule to be open during Hours of Operations (ops will take over after)
  • Merchandise
    • Manage transactions and products
    • Must be at least 16
  • Safety
    • Open communication with division leader and other 2D Con organizers
    • Open communication with Bloomington EMT and Police Department
    • Assist guests with safety concerns

All Departments are responsible for

  • Recruiting staff and volunteers
  • Creating a schedule and submitting it to Operations
  • Submitting budget requests to Operations
  • Submitting social media posts to Operations


That was a lot of info!! If you got this far – fill out the form below and the volunteer coordinator will reach out to you shortly!