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2023 Guide + tIps & Tricks

August 25-27, 2023 | Minneapolis, MN

WELCOME TO 2D CON: Another World

Welcome to our biggest year ever. We have doubled our space, added more vendors, artists, games, guests, panels, and pretty much everything else. There is so much to do. Get hype and Game on! 

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Featured Events
Tournament Schedule

Charitable giving

2D Con hosts a charity auction benefiting Creators Against Childhood Cancer.

Creators Against Childhood Cancer is a streaming and gaming fundraising program benefiting Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Funds raised support the brightest scientists whose ideas make the greatest impact for children with cancer. We also fund resources and programs that help families who are fighting cancer stay strong, find community, and take care of themselves. Cancer is a tricky disease – it figures out how to hide from the immune system and build up defenses against chemotherapy. Join Children’s Cancer Research Fund community of streamers to fund researchers who are more creative than cancer. By fundraising with us or donating directly, you’re helping ensure that lifesaving ideas can keep moving forward.

Located in Market – Nicollet Ballroom 1st Floor

Hours of operation


Greenway Promenade – 2nd Floor
Friday 10:00AM – 10:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM – 10:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM – 3:00PM
VIP Access – 1 hour early


Walker – 2nd Floor
Friday 10:00AM – 2:00AM
Saturday 10:00AM – 2:00AM
Sunday 10:00AM – 6:00PM


Nicollet Ballroom – 1st Floor
Friday 12:00PM – 7:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM – 4:00PM
VIP Access – 30 minutes early


Regency – 2nd Floor
Friday 1:00PM – 8:00PM
Saturday 11:00AM – 7:00PM
Sunday 11:00AM – 5:00PM
VIP Access – 30 minutes early


Northstar Ballroom – 2nd Floor
Friday 10:00AM – 3:00AM
Saturday 10:00AM – 3:00AM
Sunday 10:00AM – 6:00PM


Mirage – 2nd Floor
Friday 12:00PM – 2:00AM
Saturday 10:00AM – 2:00AM
Sunday 10:00AM – 6:00PM


Grant – 1st Floor
Friday 12:00PM – 7:00PM
Saturday 12:00PM – 7:00PM
Sunday 12:00PM – 5:00PM
VIP Access – 1 hour early

VIP Lounge

Northwoods – 2nd Floor
Friday 10:00AM – 2:00AM
Saturday 10:00AM – 2:00AM
Sunday 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Game Hall

Exhibit Hall – 1st Floor
Friday 11:00AM – 3:00AM
Saturday 10:00AM – 3:00AM
Sunday 10:00AM – 6:00PM
VIP Access – 1 hour early

Indie Island

Exhibit Hall – 1st Floor
Friday 12:00PM – 8:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Tabletop Terrace

Northstar Ballroom – 2nd Floor
Friday 12:00PM – 8:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM – 4:00PM

VRChat Lounge

Minnehaha – 2nd Floor
Friday 12:00PM – 3:00AM
Saturday 11:00AM – 3:00AM
Sunday 12:00PM – 3:00PM

Venue / map

First Floor

Second Floor

Getting to the Con

By Bus
We highly recommend taking public transportation such as a bus or the lightrail. There are many metro transit buses that stop right outside the venue. Check out the Metro Transit trip planner for the best route.

Get to 2D Con for free
We’ve worked out free rides for 2D Con attendees. Click on the day below to get a bus pass.

Friday August 25th
Saturday August 26th
Sunday August 27th

By Bicycle
Save some money and ride your bike. There are multiple of bike racks outside the hotel.

By Car
The city of Minneapolis has many parking options available. Each parking lot has different fees. 


To help you plan, we have compiled a list of nearby parking and the associated costs. 

Hyatt Regency
 (no in-out privileges)
Special Con Rate – Speak to 2D Con Registration for more info.

Millennium Hotel
$21/day (no in-out privileges)

Hilton Minneapolis
$25/day (with in-out privileges)

Holiday Inn & Suites
$15/day (no in-out privileges)

MCTC Hennepin Garage
$5/entry Located On Hennepin Ave. across from Minneapolis Community Technical College.

We have confirmed 2D Con attendees are allowed to use this ramp.

Guests and Presenters

We have more guests this year than ever before. From your favorite games, podcasts, and even some amazing musical entertainment.

Featured Guests

Featured guests are located in the game hall and will be doing meet and greets + autograph signings all weekend long (unless otherwise noted). Each guest has individual costs associated with photographs and autographs.

Kelly Baskin

Amber Genshin Impact

Meet the cast of Genshin Impact
Friday 6:00PM | Mainstage

Photo: $20
Autograph: $30-$50
Combo Photo+Autograph: $40-$60

Jamie Mortellaro

Sidon The Legend of Zelda
Director Horizon Zero Dawn

Zelda: Voices of the Kingdom
Saturday 7:00PM | Panel Room A

Photo: $20
Autograph: $30-$50
Combo Photo+Autograph: $40-$60

Carlos Ferro

Dom Santiago Gears of War
DaVinci Assassins Creed

Spicy Screenplay (18+)
Saturday 11:00PM | Mainstage 


Podcast & News MinnMax

Video Game Spelling Bee (with MinnMax)
Saturday 2:00PM | Panel Room A


Podcast & News MegaDads

MegaDads Live
Saturday 9:00PM | Panel Room A

Corina Boettger

Paimon Genshin Impact

Paimon’s Emergency Panel
Friday 9:00PM | Panel Room B

Photo: $30
Autograph: $40
Combo Photo+Autograph: $60

Stephanie Southerland

Jean Genshin Impact

Meet the cast of Genshin Impact
Friday 6:00PM | Mainstage

Photo: $20
Autograph: $30-$50
Combo Photo+Autograph: $40-$60

Carey Means

Frylock ATHF
Thundercleese Brak Show

Frylock and MC Play: ATHFZNPA
Sunday 12:00AM | Mainstage

SARAH Podzorski

Podcast & News MinnMax

Video Game Spelling Bee (with MinnMax)
Saturday 2:00PM | Panel Room A


Partnered Twitch Streamers

Intro to Streaming
Saturday 8:00PM | Panel Room B

Sean Chiplock

Revali The Legend of Zelda
Diluc Genshin Impact

Meet the cast of Genshin Impact
Friday 6:00PM | Mainstage
Zelda: Voices of the Kingdom
Saturday 7:00PM | Panel Room A

Photo: $20
Autograph: $40-$60
Combo Photo+Autograph: $50-$70

mc chris (Saturday only)

MC PeePants ATHF
Hesh Sealab 2021

mc chris concert
Saturday 10:00PM | Mainstage
Frylock and MC Play: ATHFZNPA
Sunday 12:00AM | Mainstage

Jason Charles Miller

Perfomer Final Fantasy XIV
Perfomer Metal Gear Rising

Jason Charles Miller in Concert
Saturday 8:00PM | Mainstage

Photo: $20
Autograph: $20-$40
Combo Photo+Autograph: $30-$60
Voice Recording: $40


Podcast & News MinnMax

Video Game Spelling Bee (with MinnMax)
Saturday 2:00PM | Panel Room A


Partnered Twitch Streamer

Intro to Streaming
Saturday 8:00PM | Panel Room B


Room Parties are making an exciting return to 2D Con!

Room Parties are attendee hosted events featuring themed rooms, snacks and beverages, gaming and more.

Room Parties are Located on the 3rd Floor follow signs to find them

2023 Parties

Sanctuary Moon – 3115
Sanctuary Moon is a space-decor room, but the theme is really about creating community. You will absolutely meet people here, and it won’t be weird. It’ll be easy.

The Rad Pad – 3116
Is everything today just, like, a total buzzkill? Then, my dudes and dudettes, you should for sure come hang at the Rad Pad where we party like it’s 1999, because the world is a major bummer and we are just, like, so totally over it.

the Wrecking Room- 3117
We’re bringing the arcade to the con with games, drinks and music all night long! Celebrating 10 years of convention party hosting, we’re thrilled to be a part of the official 2D Con Room Party experience. See you there!

Twin Cities Con – 3118
Twin Cities Con celebrates all things nerdy! We are celebrating our 3rd event at the Minneapolis Convention Center! Have a late night snack with us and discuss all things Twin Cities Con over a bowl of your favorite cereal!

Café Leblanc – 3119
Come visit Café Leblanc from Persona 5. Enjoy music from the game and the finest coffee and curry.

Invite Your Friends

Invite your friends to 2D Con Friday night from 8PM-2AM for a $15 party pass! Party passes are available at the registration desk and provide access to all party rooms, our mainstage dance, and the drag show.



Cosplay sign-ups will take place in the main market hall during Market hours on Friday of the convention. Sign-ups are limited to 50 entrants so sign-up as soon as possible!

Sign Up Location: KikiCraft, Market Booth V21

As part of the cosplay show, participants who choose to compete will be judged by an experienced panel of judges. Awards will be given out in the following categories.

  • Best Novice: the best novice-level craftsmanship participating in the masquerade.
  • Best Journeyman: the best journeyman-level craftsmanship participating in the cosplay show.
  • Best Master: the best master-level craftsmanship participating in the cosplay show.
  • Best in Show: the best stage presence.
  • Judge’s Choice: the judge’s favorite entrants.

Saturday 5:00PM – Mainstage 1st Floor


If you’d like the panel of judges to review your costume but you’re unable to attend the cosplay show, or simply don’t want to go on stage, then the Hall Cosplay Contest is right up your alley!

Each judge has several awards to give out to Hall Cosplay participants, at their own discretion. Hall Cosplay entrants are not judged specifically on craftsmanship; meaning the Hall Cosplay Contest is open to commissioned or purchased cosplays!

Cosplay Meetup

Join fellow cosplayers on Sunday in Panel Room A for a cosplay meetup. 

Sunday 12:00PM – Panel Room A

Meet your Cosplay Team

The 2D Con cosplay team is comprised of many talented individuals with years of cosplay and crafting experience.


Alan Scholting

Award-winning writer and professional fanboy. Previously serving as Editor at Large for Cosplay Culture Magazine and creative consultant for Skin & Ink Magazine. Currently serving as the cosplay lead for Vero Social. Alan has been in the business for 20+ years.



A full-time graphic artist with a Bachelors Degree in Video Game Design. She was voted “Best Costumer” by CityPages in 2016, featured on the cover of a local magazine and has been part of the cosplay scene for several years.



JustGodlyEnough is a veteran Minnesotan cosplayer and con-attendee with over 20 years of experience crafting cosplay costumes and fabricating props. He applies his training and experience as a professional engineer to his art and brings complex creations to life.



Wanderlust is a local cosplayer who travels all over the country performing for your favorite anime convention raves! She has over a decade of experience in gogo dancing & creating cosplay outfits to grace countless stages.


Miss Laney Luck

Laney is a local Twin Cities cosplayer, prop maker, and fan merch creator. She is best known for her love of ruffles and 3D printed propwork, producing props such as full scale replicas of Kingdom Hearts keyblades, and elaborate costumes that she has been creating since 2007.

Featured Events

REVOLUTION- Late Night Dance (13+)

The 2D Con cosplay team is comprised of many talented individuals with years of cosplay and crafting experience.

Revolution is a gaming themed dance taking place during Minnesota’s Largest Gaming Event, 2D Con.

Join our amazing DJs for a night of dancing a the ultimate video game themed dance party.

North Innsbruck
Bionick Jones

Friday 8:00PM – Midnight – Mainstage 1st Floor


Video games have some of the best soundtracks, from large budget AAA games like Skyrim and the Legend of Zelda to smaller independent games like Undertale and Ori and the Blind Forest, the unique sounds span generations.

We embrace the musical feats of video games by hosting multiple musical events during the weekend.

2023 CONcerts
Marimba Matt
Saturday 7:00PM – Mainstage 1st Floor

Jason Charles Miller
Saturday 8:00PM – Mainstage 1st Floor

mc chris
Saturday 10:00PM – Mainstage 1st Floor

YouTube Karaoke

YTK is a spin on classic karaoke. We will find ANY song that you would like to sing, and let you take over our mainstage. Invite your friends.

Friday 10:00PM – Midnight – Panel Room A
Satuday 10:00PM – Midnight – Panel Room A

Nerddoms Cabaret (18+)

Set phasers to stunning, this is the show you’re looking for! NerdDoms Universe is your one stop galactic shop for all things hilarious, naughty, nerdy, fandom parody related! From shows to shirts to music and more, this is entertainment for Nerds at its finest. The NDU artists are dedicated to our fans, fandoms and we bring favorites to life with fun, silly, sexy, and hilarious twists! We are a queer, gender diverse, and neuro-varied womxn owned company, with widely varied socio-economic backgrounds and professional experiences.

Saturday 9:00PM – Mainstage 1st Floor

Scott Pilgrim vs The Audience

A 2D Con tradition. Audience participation encouraged. Watch Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World with other fans and quote-a-long.

Saturday 3:00PM  – Mainstage 1st Floor

Spicy Screenplay (18+)

A new spin on an old event. Spicy Screenplay takes your favorite cringe-worthy video game moments and adds a spicy twist. See your favorite voice actors recite lines from video game cutscenes while progressively eating hot peppers.

Saturday 11:00PM  – Mainstage 1st Floor




Trading Card Games

At 2D Con, trading card game enthusiasts gather to showcase their skills and compete in tournaments. 

Trading Card Game events are hosted by Highlander Games and Twin Cities Brew Crew.

Indie Island

Indie Island is a collection of independent locally made video games and their developers. Come check out some returning favorites, and maybe discover a new one. Your feedback could even help shape the development of the game!

Vote on your favorite games and help us decide who will take home the coveted Game of the Show and other awards by voting for your favorites after you’ve had a chance to play them all.

Voting is open until 3PM on Sunday.

Indie awards will be announced during closing ceremonies.

Video Game Indies
Location Game Hall – 1st Floor

Tabletop Indies
Location Tabletop – Northstar Ballroom 2nd Floor

Role Playing Games

Have you ever dreamed of venturing through mystical forests? Exploring unknown alien planets? How about delving deep within dark dungeons? Maybe even piloting your own starship? Well here’s your chance! The Pathfinder and Starfinder Societies are looking for brave adventurers! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh faced newbie, we have adventures for you!

Paizo Organized Play is back at 2D Con 2023! So dust off your dice. Sharpen your swords. Memorize your spells. Charge your blasters. And for the love of the realms, bring some healing potions!

Location: Tabletop RPG – Skyway 2nd Floor

Market / Artist Alley


Nicollet Ballroom A+B First Floor

Misty Mountain Gaming V1,V2
TrashieArt V3
Clay Me Cuties V4
Giant Turtle Creations V5,V6
Highlander Games MN V7,V8
BTA Workshop V9
Gamerz Isand V10
Art of Jeremy Provost V11
Chill Vibes Inc. V12
Charity Auction V13,V14
Free Geek Twin Cities V15
Big SoftD V16,V17
Shibe Ink V18,V19 *Featured Artist
Glitterbomb Studios V20
KikiCraft V21,V22 *Featured Artist
Moleculamp V23 *Featured Artist
Morgan Witty V23
Yaniir V24
Claire Doolittle Illustration LLC VA1
Moneco Arts VA2,VA3
Enrique Draws VA4
Art by Brandie Fettig VA5
Armin Soko VA6
Sugarbplays DIY Cross stitch KIT VA7
Radiant Grey VA8,VA9
technicolorstar VA10
Mel Shardae VA11
Tako Collective VA12
Tucktuk’s Trinkets and Terrrain VA13,VA19
Prairieview portraits and arts VA14,VA15
Cypritree VA16
Rodrite Studios VA17
Redbird Embroidery Etc VA18
Mizorey Ren VA20,VA21
Erik Krenz Prints VA22
LadyBeNerdy VA23
DragonAvenger Crafts VA24
Sworderailer VA25
tinystarProductions VA26
Wisparia VA27
MilkStreetStudio VA28
Jake Pleshe Art VA29
Awesome Industries VA30
Justwharton VA31
Lemon Penguin VA32
deckitout VA33
Lydia Perez VA34
MegaDads VA36

Artist Alley

Regency 2nd Floor

Figgles Artistry AA1/AA2
Tabletop Shop AA3/AA4
MevrouwRoze Studios AA5
Lady Dragon’s Treasures AA6
the Prop Wizard /Itty Bits the Bug Witch AA7
Wolf Dynasty Studios AA8
BoringGalaxy AA9
Bright Bard AA10
Wingingit Studio AA11
LunarAchilles AA12
Doodles by Kadoodles AA13
The Art of C.K. AA14
Angels Creations AA15
embr art AA16
Brandon Alvarado AA17
MishaMuffinDoodles AA18
Media by Moonlight AA19
Nakama Nerd-Op AA20
Scout Bennett AA21
Studio Paigy AA22
JelloArt AA23
Pangolinturtle LLC AA24
The Creative Artista AA25
PinkApple Arts AA26
The Meggles AA27
Bluuuoart AA28
Raden Studios AA29
Act Crafty AA30
OneCornerSquare AA31
stace of spades AA32
Nine Divines Art AA33
Sticker Dumpling LLC AA34


Button Mashers is an art show in the Twin Cities that celebrates all games electronic, from PC to arcade, adventure to shooter to RPG, and represents an inherent love and fervor for video games.

Side Quests

Trading Card Game

A 2D Con tradition. Collect trading cards from staff and guests around to convention. Only 100 of each card are available so act fast. 

There are 55 cards in total. Information on obtaining each card will be available at the 2D Con merch table.

Among 2D Con

An interactive mini-game. Find the imposters located around the con, scan them with your phone to collect them.

How to Play

  1. Find all 6 crewmates hiding around the con
  2. Once you have them all, show the “congratulations screen” to a staff member in the operations room before 5pm sunday august 27th
  3. Receive a prize! (while supplies last)


2023 sponsors & Partners

2023 Very Important Gamers

Cory Kabrud | Blank | Finally married my boss | Leftright13 | Prime Meownister of Cat Island | Soren C | Sven | AhTtekan | Meeplyitis | Ed, Edd n Eddy was the best show on Cartoon Network and if you disagree, get outta my face I’ll fite u | Queuethulu | Professor Xenon | Wendell | SXyGeeK | K | DJ Particle | Dana | Ben (UX Designer at Gearbox) | Not Important | HotGothMess | benjdot | RooRoo1701 | Backpack | 4-0h-4 | Jaedon (TheKid) | Zabulon | Grumbledor | Play2D | Andrew()#9999 | Mr.Magnificent | SickLikeCaptainKirk | Chad | AJ | @retrogamingdev | Kurai_Hane_ | picnik454 | Andres | Spencer | Dj | Ash | Zac | Ben Chiles | David Martin | Will | Dhalgrave | Zozo | Sly Pavilion | Krabby | Mario Speedwagon | PaleOracle | SamuraiMatt | UffDawn | amildahl | PixelPines | CraftWitch | Lynnea | Zoe | Dash no Chris | Jack | rachellorose | dviper13 | Dannydez | NovaStarPhantom | Fatal Otaku | Major Epidemic | ELIXY | Jojo | Axiium | Jazzy | Elk | NoCoastToast | Pia | Drolgurd | Kristi | Marcus | Airi | Lady Redfield | Zac | Klarrox | Joshua Houk | Jordan Peacock (Sortilege) | Muki EX Plus Alpha | IDevilfruituser | Jaryd | Karl | Kyle | Ana

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