Location: Ramada, Bloomington MN
Attendance: 800 warm bodies
Guests: –
Theme: Press Start to Begin
Donated to Charity: $1500

2D Con was born from an old school LAN called Digital Destruction, our first year was held as a free event to gauge interest in large scale gaming events in the Twin Cities.


Location: Doubletree, Bloomington MN
Attendance: 1400 warm bodies
Guests: Chris Kluwe, Andrew Reiner, MegaDads, Tactical Pinup
Theme: All Your Base
Donated to Charity: $10,000


Location: Doubletree, Bloomington MN
Attendance: 2000 warm bodie
Guests: Chris Kluwe, Andrew Reiner, Justin Courtney Pierre
Theme: Pixel Paradise

Photos coming soon.