Special Guests and Presenters


Alan Scholting

Regarded as one of the top cosplay writers and editors working today, Alan Scholting has contributed to nearly every major pop-culture and cosplay magazine in print. As one of the founding members of Cosplay Culture, Alan has worked with some of the biggest names in the business and produced some of the most anticipated and well-received cosplay articles of the last several years. In the world of fiction, his writing has spanned over several different mediums, and has accumulated many local and national awards including the E.M. Koeppel Story of Distinction for his short story, Whiskey Sours. Alan resides in Illinois with his wife, two children, and enormous comic book collection.


Andrew Reiner

Andrew Reiner has been the executive editor of Game Informer Magazine for
over 20 years as well as being the host of Replay.
He recently branched out in his writing to co-author the
science-fiction novel Prime: A Genesis Series Event with writer Chris
Kluwe. He is also working with Kluwe on a board game codenamed Project
Grendel which was tested for the first time at 2D Con last year. Reiner is
an accomplished musician, playing guitar in a wide range of bands
including Fidget, Before We Burn, Tripping Icarus, and his newest venture
The Rapture Twins, with Justin Courtney Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack