Get Your Game On

We are a gaming event after all. We have more games than you can handle. 

Some of the key gaming events at our convention include:

  • 100+ Machine Arcade – All set on free play
  • Over 100 retro consoles
  • Open play PC LAN
  •  Virtual reality demonstrations
  • Large open play tabletop library

Groove to the Music

Video games have some of the best soundtracks, from large budget AAA games like Skyrim and the Legend of Zelda to smaller independent games like Undertale and Ori and the Blind Forest, the unique sounds span generations. 

We embrace the musical feats of video games by hosting multiple musical events during the weekend including concerts featuring video game cover bands playing your favorite songs in different styles.

Outside of our concert we also have a dance party and even more important karaoke.

Meet Amazing Guests

Come and meet some amazing people from various aspects of gaming culture, from developers to cosplayers we bring in unique, fun, and social guests.

Some of our past guests have included

  • Andrew Riener – Executive Editor of Game Informer Magazine
  • Chris Kluwe – Former NFL punter, Minnesota Vikings
  • I Fight Dragons – Chiptune inspired alternative rock band
  • Taylor Davis – Violinist, specializing in video game covers
  • Justin Courtney Pierre – Lead singer, Motion City Soundtrack
We are always looking to add new guests to our roster!

Go Shopping

Video games, tabletop games, card games, handmade artwork, and more.

2D Con is proud to feature a unique marketplace with amazing vendors, stop in and browse the selection of goods from over 40 vendors and artists all slinging great gaming products. 


Cosplay is an amazing art that is a staple at fan conventions and events.

2D Con focuses on the fun and function of the cosplay community with our non-competitive cosplay fashion show.

We want everyone to be included and feel comfortable no matter your level of skill, home made or store bought – everyone can cosplay! Join the ranks and keep our cosplay community growing.