2D Con Event Policies

General Overview

  • Do not break the hotel
  • Respect the equipment
  • Harassment will not be tolerated
  • Cosplay is not Consent
  • If it is illegal outside, it is illegal inside
  • 2D Con staff reserve the right to remove any member from the convention at any time
  • By purchasing a membership you consent to having your likeness used in convention related photos, videos and other media

City, State and Federal Laws

If it is not OK to do outside of the convention it is not OK to do inside of the convention.


2D con is an all ages event. Attendees are expected to dress appropriately.
All outfits worn are subject to the nudity and public decency laws of the city of Bloomington, MN. Click here for more details.


2D Con has a zero-tolerance policy against harassment of any kind. This includes – but is not limited to – verbal harassment, sexual harassment, stalking, assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, inappropriate or harassing photography or videography, bullying, age harassment, sustained disruption of panels or other events, or unwelcome physical attention/contact of any kind.
No means no. If you have been asked to leave someone alone, and persist, you will be removed from the convention with no refund.

Costumes are not consent.

Unwelcome photography, touching, and shaming are not allowed.
If you need to report harassment of any kind please do so at the registration table.

Lost Badge/Items

In the event you have lost your badge, first check with the registration tables.
If your badge has not been found you will be responsible for purchasing a new one at half walk up cost.

All lost items should be returned/reported to the registration table.


By registering for 2D Con you are purchasing a membership as opposed to a ticket. Your membership may only be used by you.
This allows you access to all convention spaces and indicates that you are in good standing with the organization.
2D Con reserves the right to revoke membership, badges and membership ability of any member for any reason, including but not limited to breaking our rules, the hotel’s rules or behaving in an unsafe or unacceptable way.

In the event that you can not attend 2D con, your membership may be transferred to another person.
Memberships will not be refunded.

Offensive material

Any offensive wording, imagery or symbols are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Nazi or other offensive logos or phrases.
  • Vulgar or sexist images.

Anyone caught spreading/displaying anything blatantly offensive will be subject to 2D Con Membership rules, and may be asked to leave.


We encourage props! However, there are a few general guidelines that must be followed to ensure the safety of attendees and the venue.

  • All props may be subject to peace bonding.
  • If it has or has a functioning trigger mechanism it is not allowed, this includes toy guns/air soft/water guns/ nerf.
  • No live steel or replica swords, daggers, knives.
  • Bows are allowed only if rendered incapable of firing. (IE: no string)
  • If your prop is large please be mindful of what is around you! Both the building and other con goers!
  • 2D Con staff has the right to ask you to store your prop and return to the convention without it. If you are unable to store it anywhere please make arrangement with the registration staff.


Smoking is permitted only outside of the hotel at a distance of 25 feet from any entrance.
The city of Bloomington restricts e-cigarettes in the same manner that normal cigarettes are restricted, and are therefore also not allowed inside the hotel.
For more information regarding Bloomington, MN Smokefree ordinance please Click Here.

Tournament Rules


Don’t cheat. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from all tournaments.
Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pausing during a match
  • Conspiring with another player
  • Using unapproved modified controllers
  • Glitching or exploiting to gain an advantage

Start time

Players are expected to show up at the designated tournament area 20 minutes prior to the scheduled tournament start time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification or forfeit.

Offensive Language and Trash Talking

We understand that things can get heated, however we have a no-tolerance policy for offensive language.
Playful banter and healthy trash-talking is allowed. If you cross the line into malicious, threatening or offensive trash talking you may be asked to leave the venue and will forfeit any tournaments that you are playing in.

Bring your own controller

Some tournaments require that you bring your own controller or joystick. This information will be available prior to the event. If you are unable to bring your own controller, we will have a very limited number available for checkout.


  1. 2D Con invites responsible registered members to host party rooms that are inclusive, creative, and fun!
    • Parties must comply with all 2D Con policies.
    • Despite being bound to 2D Con policies; all parties are separate entities from 2D Con.
    • 2D Con only accepts gratis party applications. 2D Con will not negotiate, award, reimburse, or otherwise enter into a compensation contract with party hosts.
    • Each organization is limited to one 2D Con party room. However, two separate but cooperative organizations may request adjacent and connected rooms.
    • All party hosts and patrons must be registered 2D Con members.
    • Parties may have multiple hosts. At least one host must be at least 18 years of age, physically present, sober, and responsible during the party’s stated hours of operation. The names and contact information for anyone fulfilling this role must be provided to 2D Con staff.
    • Party rooms may only be reserved by adults 18 years of age or older.
    • Parties should be open a minimum of 4 hours each day and remain open during their stated hours. If a party must close during its stated hours due to an emergency, notify a 2D Con staff member.
    • Party rooms must close by 2am nightly.
    • Parties are expected to welcome any 2D Con member wearing a badge, unless enforcing specific age restrictions. Any form of discrimination outside of age restriction is strictly prohibited.
    • All parties shall ensure that the room is handicapped accessible. This means ensuring that the door to the hallway is able to allow free and clear passage when needed. General traffic may be directed through the patio entrance.
    • Parties choosing to enforce age restrictions must do so by checking government-issued identification.
    • Adult-oriented beverages and paraphernalia must be distributed inside the party room and not on the patio or outside of the room.
    • With the exception of convention registrations, commerce of any kind is strictly prohibited in party rooms. This includes the sale of food, beverages, alcohol, merchandise, products, cover charges, entertainment, and services. There will be an opportunity to sell merchandise through 2D Con’s merchandising.
    • Fundraising for a worthy cause during a party may not include gifts in exchange for donations.
    • Voluntary tips may be collected from party patrons. Party hosts may not suggest minimum tip amounts. Party guests who do not tip may not be denied access or service.
    • Party descriptions will be provided in the 2D Con guide and are subject to editing and approval by the 2D Con team.

    • Party rooms are not private residences and party activities must comply with all federal, state, and local laws. Any activity that is illegal outside of the hotel is also illegal inside the hotel.
    • Parties that offer alcohol must comply with Minnesota Statute 340A-Liquor Laws.
    • Parties that offer alcohol are responsible for verifying age by means of valid government issued identification. Relying on age determinations (labels/colors) on 2D Con badges is not sufficient.
    • Over-serving alcohol is forbidden. Parties may not serve alcohol to guests who show signs of intoxication.
    • Party hosts are held accountable for the behavior of their guests. 2D Con is not responsible for any damages or injuries.
    • Parties must comply with Minnesota Statute 617.23-Public Decency Laws and Bloomington, MN Ordinances Chapter 12, Section D – Public Indecency, and Section E – Improper Display of Sexually Oriented Materials.
    • Party rooms are subject to inspection by the fire marshal.
    • Party rooms are non-smoking. This includes E-Cigarettes and other vaporizing devices. Anyone wishing to smoke or vape are asked to do so outside of the hotel.
    • Parties that choose to serve alcohol are not charged a corkage fee by the hotel.
    • Party food may not be heated by flames. Heating elements must be closely attended at all times.
    • Party Decorations may not include candles or other open flames, fog machines, or dry ice.
    • Party decorations may not attach to hotel walls with damaging adhesives, and may not use puncturing fasteners such as staples, nails, or screws. Blue Painter’s tape is the only acceptable adhesive. Rubber-ended horizontal tension rods, vertical load bars, rubber-ended clapms, and other gentle mechanical devices may be used sparingly and within reason.
    • Party decorations may not obstruct thermostats, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, or doorways.
    • Party decorations may not obstruct first floor cabana porch-facing doorways or stairs nor second floor balconies. First floor porches and second floor balconies must be accessible to guests.
    • Party decorations may not include elevated platforms such as dancing risers.
    • Parties must be confined to their respective rooms. Party decorations and equipment such as lighting and sound systems must be directed inward. No party equipment may disturb, harm, blind, or impeded guests in areas surrounding the party rooms.
    • Party hosts may restrict access to their cabana bathroom and adjacent closets as “staff only” areas if desired.
    • “Staff Only” signage and barriers are allowed on hallway-facing doors provided that timely accessibility is offered to members with disabilities and emergency responders.
    • Cabana rooms come furnished with beds that may be removed for a $150 fee. Bed removal must be requested at time of application. Bed headboards are permanently attached to the walls and will not be removed. In 2017 there will be no reimbursements from 2D Con for this fee. This may change in the future.
    • Moving or otherwise re-arranging beds yourself at any time will incur a $250 damage fee. Any damage fees will not be reimbursed by 2D Con.
    • Some cabana rooms come furnished with a club chair, ottoman, lamp, patio chairs, or other furniture which may not be removed from the room. This furniture may be rearranged within the room, but must be returned to its original position prior to checkout. Failure to return these items to their original positions will incur a $250 damage fee. This amount is subject to change at the hotel’s discretion.
    • Cabana rooms come furnished with a television and accompanying furniture (entertainment center, dresser) that is both fragile and expensive. This may not be moved, removed, or relocated. No exceptions. Damage fee for this item is $1000. The side tables by the beds also may not be moved.
    • A carpet cleaning fee may be applied to rooms with carpet damage or staining at check-out.
    • Parties may connect video game systems or video entertainment systems to the supplied cabana room television.
    • Party signage or decorations may not use free-standing easels or floor displays outside their respective rooms, balconies, or porches.
    • Party signage must not be posted in the hotel before 6pm on the day preceding the start of the convention.
    • Party signage is not allowed on any wood railing or surface.
    • Party signage on doors and door frames may only be affixed with magnets. No adhesives are allowed.
    • Party signage is not allowed inside elevators, or on elevator doors. Signage on the walls next to the elevators is allowed.
    • Party signage is only allowed in designated areas. These areas will be designated by 2D Con signage.
    • Party room reservations are secured and billed in the same manner as sleeping room reservations.
    • Room reservations are the responsibility of party hosts to secure and confirm with the hotel. Specific room assignments will be coordinated by 2D Con with the hotel.