Future Dates

We know that schedules can be difficult! Here are the current future dates of 2D Con: 2020 – August 27th – 30th 2021 – August 26th – 29th


Coming in February, This is Geek and 2D Con are planning a large scale LAN only event. PC Gaming and Esports are a large part of the gaming community! Later this year we will have much more information, such as dates, etc. Keep an eye out!

2017 Recap

2D Con 2017: Pixel Paradise was held at the Double Tree hotel in Bloomington between August 11th and August 13th. There were 2100 attendees which means we have already grown 160% from when we started! In addition to a Keynote that featured Andrew Reiner, Chris Kluwe, and Justin Courtney Pierre, and the concerts performed by the Twin Cities Brass Band, Super Marcato Bros, and Bards … Read more

Critical Hit!

Pixel Paradise is over, and the island has been hit by a tidal wave of epic proportions. Worry not, we can rebuild. 2D Con 2018 is coming soon. All of the gaming glory you’ve come to expect, plus new and exciting guests, musical acts, and tournaments. Next year you can expect some major changes while we work on expanding 2D Con with more space, and … Read more