Side Quests

Making sure that there is always something to do is one of our biggest goals. We offer many non-standard events to keep you busy.

2D Con Trading Card Game

It started as a joke and turned into a full fledged collectable game that also functions as a game! We have prepared over 100 cards for you to try and collect. To collect them all you’ll need to travel to all of the areas of 2D Con as well as meet the creators and guests behind 2D Con! There are a limited number of each card in circulation.

Check out the full list of cards available and how to earn them here!

Collect all of the cards and earn the Official Collector achievement!


Marks of honor for exclusive at con achievements!

Compete in tournaments, volunteer to become staff, register as a VIP, have a fantastic badge name, celebrate your birthday at 2D Con, etc. How many will you earn?!

We give out achievements for a lot of things!

For 2024 we will show you how we make them so attendees can make their own to give away too!

Scavenger Hunt

Hidden puzzles around the con. Can you find and solve them all? We will tell you how many puzzles there are and then you’re on your own! 

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