What is 2d con?

2D Con is an all inclusive, family friendly and charitable gaming event held every summer in celebration of the gaming community. Featuring tournaments, live music, table top, RPG, TCG, speedrunning, cosplay, industry guests, retro gaming and more; 2D Con aims to be the best event around, no matter what your gaming style is.

Safe Space

We pride ourselves on being inviting and comfortable. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a low tolerance for harassment. We have dedicated staff specifically to help make you more comfortable, including safety and medical staff that are equipped to handle nearly any issue that may arise.

Not For Profit

2D Con is organized by Save Point, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and is made up of a 100% volunteer staff. We run events to raise money for various charitable causes. During 2D Con you can expect charity auctions and important information regarding various charities.

Even our musical block is charitable. You can vote for the next song that our bands will play by donating to charity!

How can you help?

Volunteer to staff! We are always looking for qualified individuals that have a passion for gaming and the community. If you are interested please review our volunteer page!


Open play is the ability to pick up any available game and start playing it! We never want you to be bored and have over one-thousand games available for play.

The convention does not provide food or drink, however the venue will have a variety of concessions available throughout the weekend. 

Outside food and beverage is not permitted within the convention space, but may be enjoyed in your hotel room or the hotel lobby. 

Tournament prizes vary by tournament. Cash tournaments will have a cash prize based on the number of entrants and entry fee. Non-cash tournaments will have a variety of prizes such as trophies, or sponsored items.

Yes! 2D Con and the venue are pet friendly. We love dogs.

There are certain rules that must be followed and we reserve the right to ask you to leave if your dog is causing a disturbance such as:

  • Excessive barking
  • Over-excitement (jumping on people without consent)
  • Growling or showing other aggressive behavior 

Absolutely! Use the contact form below and we’ll consider adding your tournament to our lineup. 

Please note that there is a limited number of tournaments that can be run due to space and time constraints.


Use the form below and we’ll look into booking the guest that you request. 

We’re sorry to hear that! We do everything we can to make 2D Con as enjoyable as possible and will gladly listen to any feedback. 

Use the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Yes! We have dedicated space for independent developers, please visit the indie island page for more information.

The parking ramp attached to the Hyatt is normally $23 per day, however we have secured a special deal that brings that rate down to $13 per day for 2D Con attendees. 

To get the 2D Con rate, speak to anyone at registration during the convention. 

The $13 rate does NOT include in and out privileges and you must exit and re-enter the parking ramp every 24 hours as the validations are only good for a single day.

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