Cosplay is an amazing art that is a staple at fan conventions and events.

2D Con focuses on the fun and function of the cosplay community.

We want everyone to be included and feel comfortable no matter your level of skill, home made or store bought – everyone can cosplay! Join the ranks and keep our cosplay community growing. 

We offer both a judged option, and non-judged/casual option for all entrants of our Saturday Cosplay Show.

Cosplay sign-ups will take place in the main market hall during Market hours on Friday of the convention. Sign-ups are limited to 50 entrants so sign-up as soon as possible! (Check 2024 program guide for specific location and Market hours.) 


As part of the cosplay show, participants who choose to compete will be judged by an experienced panel of judges. Awards will be given out in the following categories.

  • Best Novice: the best novice-level craftsmanship participating in the masquerade.
  • Best Journeyman: the best journeyman-level craftsmanship participating in the cosplay show.
  • Best Master: the best master-level craftsmanship participating in the cosplay show.
  • Best in Show: the best stage presence.
  • Judge’s Choice: the judge’s favorite entrants.


If you’d like the panel of judges to review your costume but you’re unable to attend the cosplay show, or simply don’t want to go on stage, then the Hall Cosplay Contest is right up your alley!

Each judge has several awards to give out to Hall Cosplay participants, at their own discretion. Hall Cosplay entrants are not judged specifically on craftsmanship; meaning the Hall Cosplay Contest is open to commissioned or purchased cosplays!

Cosplay Policies


We encourage cosplayers to carry props, sometimes they complete the costume. We do have a few general guidelines.

  • All props are subject to “peace bonding” 
  • If it has a functioning trigger it is not allowed, this includes airsoft, water guns, nerf guns, toy guns and of course real guns. If you would like to have a prop in which a trigger activates a sound and/or lights, this is okay if there is no barrel to the prop. (For example most Star Trek phasers do not have an open barrel just an end that lights up, in this case you may have a trigger that activates the light)
  • No live steel or metal. If it is sharp or hard it will not be allowed.
  • Bows are allowed if they have been rendered incapable of firing by removing the string. Compound bows, or hunting bows are not allowed.
  • Large props are allowed as long as you are aware of your surroundings. If at any point you need to store your prop please speak with registration.

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