Video games, tabletop games, card games, handmade artwork, and more.

2D Con is proud to feature a marketplace that showcases unique products from over 40 vendors and artists. Variety is a point of pride for us! 2D Con does its best to provide a marketplace with little overlap of product type. Stop in and
check out different art prints ranging in styles and mediums, handmade plush, tabletop games, dice sets, card games, video games, and more!

Artists Alley

Our Artist Alley is the area for artists to showcase and sell their art and creations to convention attendees. Variety is an area of pride here with many different artists working in different mediums and styles. You should be able
to find the next memento be it a button or a new plushie to call your own. Come on by and add a one of a kind piece to your fandom collection.


Our vendors are part of the core of 2D Con. Helping supply our attendees with the items they might have forgotten at home and new items they need for their collection! Variety is an area of pride here with us doing our best not to have
multiple of the same type of vendor.

artist and vendor application

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