Tournament List

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Playstation Saturday 11:00 PM Tournament Room
Dance Dance Revolution – Extreme Arcade Friday 6:00 PM Arcade
Dragon Ball Fighterz Playstation Friday 5:00 PM Tournament Room
Fifa Playstation Friday 5:00 PM Panel 2
Final Fantasy TCG Trading Card Game Friday 6:00 PM Garden Court
Friday Night Magic Trading Card Game Friday 7:00 PM Garden Court
Guilty Gear R2 X Playstation Saturday 6:00 PM Tournament Room
HearthStone – Heroes Of Warcraft Mobile Friday 7:00 PM Panel 2
Initial D 8 Arcade Saturday 11:00 AM Arcade
Jubeat Arcade Saturday 3:00 PM Arcade
League Of Legends PC Saturday 11:00 AM LAN
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch Sunday 12:00 PM Panel 2
Mario Tennis Aces Switch Sunday 12:00 PM Panel 1
Nidhogg II Playstation Saturday 4:00 PM Tournament Room
Overwatch PC Friday 5:00 PM LAN
Pokemon TCG Trading Card Game Saturday 2:00 PM Garden Court
Red Dragon Inn Table Top Sunday 11:00 AM Garden Court
Rocket League Playstation Saturday 11:00 PM Panel 2
Splatoon 2 Switch Saturday 1:00 PM Panel 1
Street Fighter V – Arcade Edition Playstation Saturday 12:00 PM Tournament Room
Super Smash Bros Wii U Sunday 10:00 AM Super Smash Bros Room
Super Smash Bros Melee Gamecube Saturday 4:00 PM Super Smash Bros Room
Tekken 7 Playstation Sunday 11:00 AM Tekken 7
The King of Fighters XIV Playstation Friday 9:00 PM Tournament Room


Tournament Rules and Sign Ups

League of Legends (Open until July 20th):

League Sign Up

League Rules


Overwatch Sign Up

Overwatch Rules

Fighting Games: (DBFZ, SFV, BBTAG, KOF, GG, T7) *Sign ups on site

Fighting Tournament Rules

Hearthstone: *Sign ups on site

Hearthstone Tournament Rules

Mario Tennis Aces: *Sign ups on site

Mario Tennis Aces Tournament Rules

Splatoon 2: *Sign ups on site and Bring your own switch

Splatoon 2 Tournament Rules