The world of ESports has long been part of the video game culture. At 2D Con we will be hosting tournaments for both the casual and the experienced player. We recommend you bring your own controller. Our library will be open for check out but once they are gone they are gone!

For 2D Con 2017 we will be doing onsite signups so check back for the full list of tournaments and show up early to secure your spot to show what you’ve got!

All 2D Con sponsored tournaments are free with your membership purchase so pick up your joysticks and bring your game face because it’s on like Donkey Kong!

2017 Tournaments

SmashBros4RocketLeague7 Wonders

Guilty Gear XRDLeague of LegendsKing of Fighters XIVNIDHOGG_II_LOGO_trans_outline_800px-e1475016001510

Mario Kart 8OverwatchPokken TournamentSplatoon 2

SplendorStreet Fighter VTumblestoneArms-logo