Independent Developers

2D Con is home to Indie Island, a collection of independent local games and their developers. Indie Island is a great place to find and play new up and coming games and talk to the people who made them!

New in 2021, we have split off the Tabletop indies to their own land of Tabletop Terrace! Last years largest complaint was that it was hard to hear the developers and we do our best to listen. We hope to offer a wide range of games from party style quick plays, time consuming epics, games geared towards kids, those meant for just adults, and even more varieties from there. These games may vary from paper and borrowed pieces all the way from published and ready to join your gaming libraries!

We love to feature new and upcoming games made by small teams. Help us decide who will take home the coveted Game of the Show and other awards by voting for your favorites after you’ve had a chance to play them all. We have also updated our ballots in mind of properly reflecting the growing event that our convention has become and will continue to be.


  • Galactic Battleground – Slackerz Inc
    • 2019: Game of the Show, Best Game Play
  • EleMetals – Wallride Games
    • 2019: Best Artwork/Visuals, Best Multiplayer
  • Astral Gunners – Sati Bros
    • 2019: Best Musical Score
  • Cricket: From the stars – Superbeefy Software
    • 2019: Best Single Player
  • LUNAR SIGNALS – The Moon Fields
    • 2018: Game of the Show, Best Artwork/Visuals, Best Multiplayer
  • DevNAri – Newt One
    • 2018: Best Musical Score
    • 2017: Best Game Play, Best Musical Score, Best Single Player, Game of the Show
  • Howling Moon Software – Verdant Skies
    • 2018: Best Single Player
    • 2017: Best Artwork/Visuals 
  • PIXELakes – Treasure Stack
    • 2018: Best Game Play
  • Northern Heart – Pinbrawl
    • 2017: Best Game Play, Best Multiplayer
    • 2016: Best Artwork/Visuals
  • Space Mace LLC –  Joggernauts
    • 2016: Game of the Show, Best Musical Score
  • Escape Industries – Fingeance
    • 2016: Best Game Play


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