Independent Developers

Find and play new up and coming games and talk to the people who made them!

2D Con offers a wide range of games from party style quick plays, time consuming epics, games geared towards kids, those meant for just adults, and even more varieties from there. These games may vary from paper and borrowed pieces all the way to published and ready to join your gaming libraries!

We love to feature new and upcoming games made by small teams. Help us decide who will take home the coveted Game of the Show and other awards by voting for your favorites after you’ve had a chance to play them all.

Showcase your Game

This convention has multiple offerings for developers to choose from, so read through the options carefully to make sure you select the one best for your needs. If none of them seem to fit what you want, contact us to see if we can make something work!

Indie Island & Tabletop Terrace

Looking to make some sales, or grow your mailing list? Tabletop Terrace & Indie Island offer dedicated space to demo your game, and sell merchandise. You will have a dedicated booth space, be included on the 2D Con website and brochures, get social media posts promoting your game, and have a spot to share a video highlighting your game during the Indie Showcase (a 1 hour event on the mainstage of 2D Con Prime).



The market at 2D Con Prime is the place to be when it comes to selling merchandise. The highest attendee traffic, and the most visible. You will have a dedicated booth space, be included on the 2D Con website and brochures, get social media posts promoting your brand, and have a spot to share a short advertisement during various 2D Con programming.

The main limitations with this option are that it is the most expensive, and the most highly contested option so acceptance is less likely. Additionally, not all attendees in the market will be interested in trying a new game compared to Indie Island & Tabletop Terrace.


(Tabletop Games Only) Protospiel @ 2D Con (New for 2024)

Included with the standard 2D Con Badge, this option is perfect for those looking to playtest their games in a relaxed environment. Get feedback from other game designers and attendees without a dedicated booth. Protospiel @ 2D Con uses an open table format, where designers can simply pick an open table and set up their game to play. When you’re not playing, you put away your game and leave the table open for another designer to use. Signs and 2D Con staff will direct attendees to tables looking for players, and you can always wave people over to try your game with a friendly smile.


Apply to be a part of 2D Con 2024! Our attendees all have one interest in common, gaming. Being a participant at 2D Con is a great way to find your targeted audience.


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