Looking to join the 2D Con Family and help set up the convention? 2D Con is an annually held
event that takes place in the fall, and is 100% volunteer based. As a volunteer, we strive to make
every moment a great time (board games, video games, cosplay, tournaments, etc). Looking to learn
something new like cosplay or marketing? By joining the team, we’ll help you find a volunteering
opportunity that helps you, even without prior volunteering experience!

Volunteering for 2D Con is a great way to help the local gaming community and meet new people!


While working with the 2D Con Team, we will as that you for the following

  • Must be 16 years or older
  • Have a Discord account and join the 2D Con Discord server

Common Volunteer Jobs

  • Badge Checking – Make sure event attendees have their badge visibly displayed when in convention space, such as our Mainstage or in Panel Rooms.
  • Gaming Library Attendant – Help attendees with requests for games in our console room and open tabletop area.
  • Registration Attendant – Help attendees with badge pickup and on-site registration. Must be at least 16 for this position.
  • VR Gaming Attendant – Help attendees experience VR Gaming in an orderly fashion. Clean off headsets between use and launch VR games.
  • Arcade Attendant – Watch over the arcade area, show attendees how to play.
  • Tabletop Terrace – Show attendees how to play some of the new tabletop games
  • Indie Island – Help show off some of the new indie games guests are making
  • Tournament Aid – Help Tournament Operators setup and run video game tournaments


By working throughout the year, you can be receive the following rewards for volunteering.

Load in and load out will count as double hours.

  • 4 hours – 10% discount to the 2D Con merch store
  • 8 hours – Invitation to the 2D Con office and parties
  • 16 hours – Free registration for 2D Con 2025
  • 24 hours – Special 2D Con T-shirt

See a volunteer coordinator for more information on tracking your hours.


Volunteer to help 2D Con.

Discord is our primary method of communication outside of the convention. While not required, we do recommend that all volunteers have a Discord account to stay up to date on the latest 2D Con news.
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