General Overview

2D Con is a convention run for the fans. We understand that people come from all walks and situations of life. We will do everything we can to provide an open, welcoming and accessible environment for all fans. This page is an overview of the accessibility services offered by 2D Con and the DoubleTree Bloomington.

If you have any questions or suggestions to make 2D Con more accessible, or a specific need that you do not see listed, please contact us! Please keep in mind that we are limited by finances, logistics, the facility and volunteer staffing but we will do what we can!

Decompression Space (Sanctuary)

With any event we understand becoming overwhelmed. 2D Con is committed to providing a decompression space during the entirety of the event. During normal open hours this space will be blocked off and away from the noise.

Please see below for some other tips to help decompress if necessary during the event.

Elevator Access

Each tower of the DoubleTree has one set of elevator banks with multiple elevators running simultaneously.

Able-bodied participants are asked to be considerate of those with mobility equipment.
Please use the escalators when traversing between floors one and two.

Event Seating

The Panel Room, Main Stage and Tournament Stages will have designated accessible seating spaces. Accessible seating is only available as a first-come, first-served basis. With enough time we will make it work! If you need accessible seating for an event at 2D Con, please notify registration at your earliest ability and they will do everything they can to make sure you are accommodated.

For those who might need extra time finding a seat for an event (Visual/hearing impairments, wheelchairs/scooters, or other mobility issues), please try to arrive 20 minutes before the event. We can allow you time to go in first to claim your seat, however, once doors are open for everyone we cannot guarantee anyone a seat.


If you need ADA compliant/accessible hotel room, please indicate that when you book your hotel room.

The DoubleTree Bloomington is an ADA compliant venue with accessible hotel rooms, and convention space.
The convention space is currently laid out in two accessible areas with wide hallways. 2D Con utilizes this space with an open layout to allow easy traveling through the various event areas.

  • Flat terrain between parking and entrance
  • Hotel entrance is wheelchair accessible with large automatic doors
  • Accessible parking spaces for cars in self-parking
  • Van-accessible parking in self-parking
  • Accessible registration desk
  • Accessible shuttle service to Mall of America/Airport
  • Staff trained in service to disabled guests
  • Steps / staircases have handrails
  • Wheelchair-Accessible Elevators
  • Wheelchair-Accessible bathrooms located on both sides of the convention space.

Service Animals

Pets are allowed at 2D Con as they are also allowed in the hotel. With that in mind we want to make sure that those with service animals take priority over pets. In the instance that another pet causes a disturbance that pet will be asked to leave. Please notify registration of any issues.

Other Decompression Tips:

Much of our staff are convention veterans and suffer from various forms of anxiety. These are some great tips for first time convention goers that have helped them throughout the years.

  1. Deep breathing. Take a deep breath, hold it, and then let it out slowly. Try counting to 10 while you breathe out. Repeat as many times as needed.
  2. Take a walk. Go for a walk around the building and come back.
  3. Get outdoors. Fresh air and perspective can help.
  4. Bring a book and read or color in our decompression space!
  5. Take a break and enjoy a nap back in your hotel room.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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