Kids and Families

2D Con was started because we are all just big kids who love to game and want to do it for a good cause. We also have our own children so when we choose 2D Con programming we ensure the event is kid friendly!

Keeping that in mind we keep our kid pricing low because we want the entire family to come and enjoy themselves!

We also feature a quiet room and ensure that children, and their parents always have a quiet place to escape to.


As mentioned above the ENTIRE event is kid friendly before 10pm! With that in mind here are some of the kid/family style offerings at 2D Con! This is an area that we are extremely passionate about and look forward to continue to have more offerings. If you have an idea for kid centered programming or would like to help in that area please contact us!

  • Ability to enter any tournament (rules and fees apply)
  • Cosplay Awards based on age groups during the cosplay contest
  • Free kids cosplay photos
  • Educational panels, such as intro to game development.
  • Ability to talk with real local game designers! (They love questions!)
  • Kid corner full of arts and crafts

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