2D Con Features two nights of amazing entertainment, from dances and concerts to an 18+ video game themed burlesque show. We want to make sure you always have something to do!

Revolution – Game Changing Beats

Join our DJs for a night of dancing a the ultimate video game themed dance party. We’ve got an amazing lineup of DJs spinning video game remixes all night long.

2024 DJs

  • Theology
  • H808
  • VectorU
  • Love Letters from Amsterdam
  • RoboRob

Bring your flow gear and energy. This party goes all night


Video games have some of the best soundtracks, from large budget AAA games like Skyrim and the Legend of Zelda to smaller independent games like Undertale and Ori and the Blind Forest, the unique sounds span generations. 

We embrace the musical feats of video games by hosting multiple musical events during the weekend including concerts featuring video game cover bands playing your favorite songs in different styles.

2024 CONcerts

  • Windfall
  • Do a Barrel Roll
  • Abandon Quest

2D Con has hosted many talented musicians over the years, including great artists like Nur-D, MegaRan, I Fight Dragons, and Taylor Davis.

We make it our goal to seek out amazing video game influenced musical acts that can put on the best show possible.

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