Panels and Meetups

We are a convention after all, and what is a convention without panels? Still a convention? That’s non-sense. Well it doesn’t matter, 2D Con has a large programming track with some amazing panels and special events that you won’t find anywhere else.


What is Youtube Karaoke? YTK is a spin on classic karaoke. We will find ANY song that you would like to sing, and let you take over our mainstage. Invite your friends.

While you are singing we display song lyrics on all of our main screens so the audience can sing along. 

An added twist that is sure to guarantee a laugh or two is our pop-up system, during a song we will send messages to the screen with “words of wisdom”. Can you keep a straight face while singing Behind Blue Eyes?


While not a 2D Con original, Spicy Fanfiction was created by our amazing arcade head and the amazing crew at Rivet City Limited. 

This late night (18+) panel features the hottest of hot peppers and the steamiest fan fiction you can imagine. This is a panel that is never the same, and will get weird!


Mega Dads Live (18+) is a podcast filmed in front of a live 2D audience by our ever so wonderful guests Mega Dads

From the latest news and what games they’re playing to segments like Small Talk and The Last Word! They look at games from the lens of two old nerds balancing their love of games with kids, spouses, and mortgage payments.

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