Room Parties

Room Parties are attendee hosted events featuring themed rooms, snacks and beverages, gaming and more.

A hotel room can be transformed into Hyrule, The Mushroom Kingdom, or Azeroth. We’ve seem some amazing rooms including a fully themed fantasy tavern serving chili and brew.

Want to host a party?

Hosting a party is a great way to be involved with 2D Con and an amazing way to showcase what you can create.

Room parties go through a juried selection to ensure that the party fits the general theme of 2D Con, gaming. Non-gaming related parties are less likely to be accepted.

2D Con has a limit of 10 party rooms for 2024 as we move into our new venue.

Party rooms will be split into designated categories. Parties may have more than one category.

  • Family Friendly – All ages rooms with activities
  • 21+ – Rooms that will be serving alcohol
  • Activity – Activities ranging from games to karaoke

Hosting a party counts as 2D Con volunteer hours and can grant access to our staff and volunteer suite.

Party hosts are eligible for comped badges to 2D Con, limited to 4 badges per room.

Party Rules

  • Staff and attendees must be registered for 2D Con
  • You must have a room reserved at the DoubleTree Bloomington
  • Party hosts are responsible for all costs
  • There must be at least one sober party host at all times
  • If serving alcohol
    • Bartenders must be sober
    • ID must be checked at the door and at the bar
    • Overserving will result in room getting shut down
  • Rooms must remain closed between 2AM-10AM – The designated quiet hours
  • Loud music must be kept to a reasonable volume that prevents bleeding into other rooms
  • No commerce will be allowed. You can have a tip jar and flyers with links to your Venmo/Paypal, but you can not directly ask for tips or require them in exchange for anything

More information will be available closer to the event

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