Parties are a staple of the Minnesota convention scene. Hosted by fellow con-goers and gaming fans, 2D Con’s room parties will mean more screenings, music, games, food, etc! The party rooms will occupy the first floor cabana rooms around the pool of the hotel. Each room will have its own style/theme!

Have an amazing idea for a party room at 2D Con?
Please review the policies here!
After that has been completed you can apply here!

(Make sure you are registered and have reserved a room before you apply!)

The Questions!

Q: What do you do in a room party?

A: There are all kinds of activities in the room parties, depending on the theme and the hosts. Some are for chilling out with cool people, maybe playing video games or watching anime or just talking. Some are great for dancing or playing music games. Some even do fun arts and crafts! Basically, room parties are a great way to find people with similar interests and hang out. Bonus feature: making new friends. A month before the convention we will update this page with the room number/hours and description of the rooms so you know which to make sure you visit!

Q: How much do they cost?

A: Absolutely nothing! HOWEVER, it’s a great idea to tip your hosts! Tips are what ensure they can come back again next year and provide an even better experience to you the con goer!

Q: Will there be alcohol?

A: Some room parties will be serving alcohol. (You will be carded multiple times) Some won’t be. We will have clearly marked signs outside of the rooms that will be serving alcohol or have common allergens inside.

Q: When are the room parties open?

A: Room parties will have their hours listed in the program books, on signs outside the rooms, and on big posters around the convention area! Worst case look on the schedule!

Q: Let’s Party!!!!

A: Sweet! However lets remember our party etiquette. Don’t break the hotel. Thank the hosts. Keep the room and surrounding area clean. Be excellent to each other. Have fun!