Home to an open game library, Midwest Speedfest, Twin Cities Game Fest, and live entertainment, finding something that caters to your interests is easy.

Open Gaming

From Atari to XboxOne we have at least one of every console set up at all times to be played by everyone. There you have access to our personal libraries that can be checked out under your badge id!

If video games aren’t your thing walk on over to Table Top Tavern where there are scheduled events but also plenty of tables with full access to This is Geek’s library!

Video and Table Top libraries coming soon!

Midwest Speedfest

Midwest Speedfest is Minnesota’s premier speedrunning festival. Featuring hours of speedrunners doing what they do best. Breaking games and world records.

The Midwest Speedfest is a speedrunning marathon that focuses on bringing the fun of completing games as quickly as possible to your everyday, video game congoer. With a healthy mix of well recognized classics to neat, newer releases, the Midwest Speedcrew strives to bring not only some serious skill to the table, but also create a fun environment for those looking to see their favorite games get broken apart by normal, everyday gamers.

Live Entertainment

Video game cover bands, guest speakers, the stream station and more!

Vendor Hall

Our Merchant Hall is the area for all of your gaming needs. From classic hard to find games and consoles to the latest table top and deck expansion. We will have everything you need to advance your gaming lifestyle: regardless of the genre. Come on by and add a piece to your fandom collection without breaking the bank.

Artists Alley

Our Artist Alley is the area for amateur and semi-professional local artists to showcase and sell their art to convention attendees. Variety is an area of pride here with many different artists working in different mediums and styles. You should be able to find the next memento be it a button or a new plushie to call your own. Come on by and add a piece to our fandom collection without breaking the bank.

Indie Island

2D Cons home to independent local developers. The Indie Island is a great place to find new games and talk to the people who made them.


Fan run panels. Speaking about their favorite gaming topics.