At Con Events

Open Gaming

In the Console Room there will be everything from Atari to XboxOne we have at least one of every console set up at all times to be played by everyone. For 2018 we will have a focus on old school couch co-ops! You have access to our personal libraries that can be checked out under your badge ID!
If you need a break from the screen do not forget to walk on over to Table Top Tavern. There you will find scheduled events, Path finder society, sanctioned Magic and Pokemon all weekend long and full access to our table top library free to play with plenty of tables!
We will also have staff on hand to help you learn the new games!


Retro classics, pinball, even arcade tournaments! What more could you ask for?
Got an arcade cabinet or pinball machine that you’d like to bring to 2D Con? If you share your arcade with us, we’ll give you one free registration per cabinet (maximum of 4)!


The world of ESports has long been part of the video game culture. At 2D Con we will be hosting tournaments for both the casual and the experienced player. We recommend you bring your own controller. Our library will be open for check out but once they are gone they are gone!

For 2018 we legally have the ability to do cash tournaments so we will be further planning tournaments this year!!

All 2D Con sponsored casual tournaments are free with your membership purchase. Pick up your joysticks and bring your game face because it’s on like Donkey Kong!


Our Market is the area for all your physical game needs, as well as art inspired by your favorite games! From classic hard to find games and consoles to the latest table top and deck expansions to a new plushy friend! We will have everything you need to advance your gaming lifestyle: regardless of the genre. Variety is an area of pride here, with many different artists working in different mediums and styles.

Stop by all of our artists and add a piece to your fandom collection without breaking the bank!

Is there something you are really hoping to find that you didn’t see last year? Send us a note about it!

Indie Island

Indie Island is home to local independent developers. It is a great place to find new up and coming games and talk to the people who made them!

Charity Auction

2D Con is a charity fundraising event, ALL proceeds above our initial operating cost are donated to charity! 2D Con is 100% volunteer based. Alongside the contribution made when 2D Con memberships are purchased, we also host a silent auction!

Our sponsors have been generous enough to donate items such as signed artwork, rare collectibles, video games and gaming paraphernalia.
Our charity auction runs all weekend long and can be found in the back of the Market! Each item will have a starting bid and a buy it now amount.

Item bids will be cut off 12pm on Sunday of the convention. Items must be paid for and picked up before the end of the event at 5pm on Sunday of the convention.


2D Con features amazing live entertainment playing your favorite video game music. We have hosted great musicians such as the Twin Cities Brass Band, I Fight Dragons, Do a Barrel Roll.

Midwest Speedfest

Midwest Speedfest is a 24 hour speedrunning marathon returning to 2D Con! We will be raising funds for SAVE through, where you can donate to incentives such as Save or Kill the animals. In the past we have had runs such as Tetris the Grandmaster and Super Mario 64 so this will be a hype marathon to check out.

Panels and Meetups

Let’s get together and talk about our favorite game or genre of games! Lets meetup to discover how many other people who are obsessed with Final Fantasy!
The sky is the limit for what fandoms exist at 2D Con! If you want to host a panel or meetup we want to hear from you!