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Meet Jellifyshi at 2D Con 2024

Jellifyshi is a cosplayer from the Midwest who has been creating their own cosplays and props for over a decade. They started with closet cosplays, they have progressed to now making their cosplays entirely from scratch.

He enjoys sharing his cosplays with others through competitions. Through this winning awards for Judge’s Choice for Craftsmanship as well as Best Performance. While also helping others in the community by posting tutorials and patterns to others who share similar interests and the desire to improve skills together.

Additionally, one of his favorite passions of cosplay is producing CMVs (cosplay music videos) with friends. As well as taking pride in the collaboration and creation of going beyond in this art form.

His current specialty is adding a historical and fantasy twist to RPG characters. He mainly uses thrifted and vintage fabrics and supplies while learning old techniques in sewing along the way.

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