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Kari Wahlgren’s first role was the Vespa-riding Haruko in FLCL. Since then, Wahlgren has voiced numerous anime characters including Fuu in SAMURAI CHAMPLOO, Saber in FATE ZERO and FATE STAY/NIGHT, Celty in DURARARA, Lucia Fex in PROMARE, Kagami in LUCKY STAR, Robin in WITCH HUNTER ROBIN, Anemone in EUREKA SEVEN, Tayuya in NARUTO, Saya and Diva in BLOOD+, Dee Eye Ell in SWORD ART ONLINE: ALICIZATION, and Blue Rose in TIGER & BUNNY. Wahlgren has also voiced characters in many U.S. animation shows, including Jessica, Rick’s Spaceship and Diane in RICK AND MORTY, Starfire in the DC TEEN TITANS movies, Zatanna in DC SUPERHERO GIRLS, Tigress in KUNG FU PANDA: LEGENDS OF AWESOMENESS, Charmcaster in BEN 10, Emma Frost in WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN, Shannon in OK KO: LET’S BE HEROES, and Anka in ARCHER. Her notable video game roles include Mileena and Kitana in MORTAL KOMBAT 1 and 11, Harley Quinn in GOTHAM KNIGHTS, Portnova in CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS COLD WAR, Starfire in INJUSTICE 2, Aranea in FINAL FANSTASY XV, Ashe in FINAL FANTASY XII, Proctor Ingram in FALLOUT 4, Vex in SKYRIM, and Raine in TALES OF SYMPHONIA. Wahlgren’s on-camera roles include Helen on Wizards of Waverly Place, Criminal Minds, and commercials for Lexus, Swiffer and Rolling Rock. A full list of credits can be found at IMDB.com.

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