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Stephanie Panisello is a first generation American (Colombian and Spanish) bilingual actress and host. She’s performed on stand up comedy stages, has extensive motion capture and voice-over experience in animation and video games, has hosted numerous shows and regularly streams for her fans.

She’s best known for playing iconic protagonist Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2 — a game that received four nominations at The Game Awards and won The Golden Joystick Awards “2019 Game of the Year.” She’s since reprised her role in the new Netflix series “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”— making the Top 10 list in multiplecountries.

Stephanie also lends her voice as Betty Ross in Marvel’s “What If” series, alongside Mark Ruffalo and Lake Bell. With other notable performances as Cloud Retainer in Genshin Impact, Vora in Paladins, Faerie in Trials of Mana and Calima in Larcenauts. Stephanie is also a featured actress in the celebratory book “Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play”

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