ygYoga Quest – Legend of Zelda Session

Join Yoga Quest for a fantastic journey through Hyrule. Train like a Hylian legend with a morning Yoga session specially formulated for fans of The Legend of Zelda.

The original YogaQuest class is unlike any yoga class you have experienced before! It is a unique blend of yoga and fan-fiction story-telling. Your quest is guided by a narrator and a certified yoga instructor, as the class embarks on an epic and often ridiculous journey through a popular fandom. Move through the story by following a yoga routine designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility.

Instructors: Justini Yogini, Jenny Milos, Kris Anne Regeth and Alison Jarzyna

VRVirtual Reality

Experience a virtual world at our Virtual reality demonstrations. We will have virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift on site all weekend long.

Each demonstration is about 5 minutes long and will feature some of the most immersive and interesting VR demos.

Midwest Speedfest

Midwest Speedfest is Minnesotas premier speedrunning festival. Featuring speedrunners doing what they do best, Breaking games and world records.

The Midwest Speedfest is a speedrunning marathon that focuses on bringing the fun of completing games as quickly as possible to your everyday, video game congoer. With a healthy mix of well recognized classics to neat, newer releases, the Midwest Speedcrew strives to bring not only some serious skill to the table, but also create a fun environment for those looking to see their favorite games get broken apart by normal, everyday gamers.

Pathfinder Society

The Pathfinder Society Organized Play system is a worldwide fantasy roleplaying campaign using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system. It puts you in the role of an agent of the Pathfinder Society, a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists and adventurers dedicated to discovering and chronicling the greatest mysteries and wonders of an ancient world beset by magic and monsters.

In an organized play campaign, your character exists in a common setting shared by thousands of other gamers from around the world. In each Pathfinder Society game, your character experiences a short, one-sitting adventure that is a single episode in a continuing story. You can take your character to any public Pathfinder Society event anywhere in the world.

At 2D Con, we are hosting twenty-five tables of standard Pathfinder Society scenarios.This covers the latest releases the entire Faithless and Forgotten series. We will also be running the fast and easy to learn Adventure Card Game and the approachable one-hour Silverhex Chronicles and Phantom Phenomena quest adventures all weekend!

To learn more about Pathfinder Society, please visit or join the local Twin Cities chapter at