Hey everyone! I don’t like 3rd person bios so I’m gonna speak to you directly. My name is Theølogy and I am a VGM Remix producer and DJ from Lexington, […]

Vector U

EXTREMELY DANK EDM VGM from your friendly neighborhood remixer Vector U! They have been producing high energy EDM video game music for almost a decade. You’ll hear all flavors of […]


RoboRob is a multi-genre producer/DJ based in Bellingham, WA. He’s successfully remixed music from video games like Sonic Mania, Final Fantasy, Undertale, and more, and charted on Billboard with his […]


Avid speedrunner, Youtuber, and Twitch streamer, the VGM heavy-weight hitter “H8Ø8” to spin for you the best EDM inspired music and remixes in video games, anime, and bass-heavy music. Their […]

Do a Barrel Roll

Have you ever noticed how some songs sound like other songs? See a cover band like you’ve never seen before! Do a Barrel Roll! is a videogame music band with […]

Abandon Quest

Abandon Quest, from Minneapolis, MN, is a multi-genre fusion of high-energy progressive tunes, bringing unique spins of your favorite video game music. Abandon Quest formed in late 2020 from musicians […]


Windfall is a (mostly) Minneapolis based VGM acoustic fusion band consisting of Karl Brueggemann, Becca Michaelson, Nico Mendoza (Los Angeles), and Jaime Pelaez. They formed in 2022, although Karl, Becca, […]

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