2D TCG Fan Card Request

What are 2D TCG Fan Cards?

Fan Cards are easily recognized by their distinct purple colored frame. They are not included in the official card list but they each have a unique number located on the bottom left which signifies the order in which they were created. You can get Fan Cards by going to 2D TCG meet-ups and finding other fans who have had custom Fan Cards created. Going through our official order form is the only way to have a 2D TCG Fan Card created. 

You can read more about our trading card game here.


  • May 31 2024 – Applications close for custom artwork
  • June 3 2024 – Applications close for provided artwork
  • July 1 2024 – Custom artwork will be completed by or before this date
  • July 17 2024 – All cards will be completed and ordered by this date
  • August 23 2024 – Cards can be picked up in the Ops room during open hours


  • Can I still use my Fan Cards to play the game?
    • Yes! Fan cards can be used exactly like official cards when playing the 2D TCG
  • Can there be more than one person on my card?
    • Yes! There is a flat fee of $50 for custom artwork +1 minor edit
  • When will I receive my cards?
    • You will pick-up your cards at 2D Con 2024 in the Ops room during open hours
  • Are there rules to distributing my cards at the convention?
    • We ask that you do not re-sell your cards or require a donation or purchase of any kind. Asking for a “like” or “follow” on social media is fine. Please keep the requirements appropriate or you will be asked to refrain from distributing your cards during the convention.
  • Is there a 2D TCG meet-up during the con?
    • Yes! We have a meet-up during 2D Con 2024. Details will be announced in the 2024 guidebook. Until then, the DISCORD is the best way to keep in touch about the card game. 

Artwork approval Guidelines:

  • 900x1050px 300DPI or higher
  • No profanity, nudity, political, or inappropriate imagery. 2D Con is a family-friendly event and reserves the right to refuse your Fan Card submission.
  • No Logos or licensed characters that you do not own or hold a license for can be used with the exception of the 2D Con logo if you want it displayed on your characters shirt/hat/etc.
  • Character(s) should have NO background elements and be completely cut out  
  • Transparent background .png file 
  • Note: Character(s) will be placed into a hexagon shaped frame so some elements may be trimmed
  • Custom artwork request is $50 with (1) minor edit at no cost. Any further or larger changes will be an additional fee at the artist’s discretion.


  • $25 – 50 cards
  • $50 – 100 cards
  • +$50 – Custom artwork + 1 minor edit
  • +$10 – Providing your own artwork (must meet approval guidelines)

Ordering process:

  1. Fill out the 2D Con TCG FanCard request form link here
  2. You will get an email if your card is approved or not
  3. Once approved, you will receive an invoice to pay for your card
  4. Once payment is received, we will begin your artwork OR you will submit your own for approval
  5. Once the card art is approved, your card will be made into a fan card and be sent off to be printed 
  6. You will receive another email letting you know that your card is finished and will be available for pickup at the convention! 
  7. Your cards will be picked-up by you during 2D Con 2024 in the Ops room during open hours

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