Announcing our 2D Con 2024 Cosplay Contest Judges!


Dewfeathers is an award winning cosplayer, accomplished dancer, and lifelong environmentalist. She often crafts her cosplays and original designs using recycled, thrifted, and up-cycled materials. Through her Reduce, Reuse, ReCosplay Blog  (found on, Dewfeathers hopes to encourage fellow cosplayers and crafters to give eco-friendly crafting a try, and see how fun and rewarding being sustainable can be.


Jellifyshi is a cosplayer from the Midwest who has been creating their own cosplays and props for over a decade. They started with closet cosplays, they have progressed to now making their cosplays entirely from scratch.

He enjoys sharing his cosplays with others through competitions. Through this winning awards for Judge’s Choice for Craftsmanship as well as Best Performance. While also helping others in the community by posting tutorials and patterns to others who share similar interests and the desire to improve skills together.

Additionally, one of his favorite passions of cosplay is producing CMVs (cosplay music videos) with friends. As well as taking pride in the collaboration and creation of going beyond in this art form.

His current specialty is adding a historical and fantasy twist to RPG characters. He mainly uses thrifted and vintage fabrics and supplies while learning old techniques in sewing along the way.


JustGodlyEnough is a veteran Minnesotan cosplayer with over 21 years of experience crafting cosplay costumes and fabricating props. He has a long legacy of attending Minnesotan conventions and conventions all over the country accumulating in a total attendance of over 200 conventions in his lifetime! He enjoys sharing his joy in creating cosplay and pride in nerd culture by helping build and sustain the thriving convention community that we enjoy today. He prides himself in using his artistic success to make charitable donations to the community.

He actively practices as a licensed professional engineer and applies his engineering knowledge to costuming to bring complex creations to life. As one of the early adopters of EVA craft foam armor building, thermoplastic construction, and 3D printing, he enjoys learning state-of-the-art innovative methods and technologies to expand his capabilities and sharing his knowledge and ideas with less experienced cosplayers to educate and inspire others to create.

His most recent artistic side-project, Moleculamp, explores designing and producing RGB LED lamps with designs ranging from stylized models of molecular structures to various gaming and other nerdy designs. This has led to most of his recent creations incorporating lighting and programmable LEDs to bring his costumes and props to life.

Join us this year for the 2D Con 2024 Cosplay Contest! Saturday evening of the convention on Mainstage! Sign-ups are in person at “Cosplay HQ” during open hours starting Friday and are first come first served with a limit of 50 entrants. 

For more information about our cosplay contest click here.

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