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Materia Music is the world’s leading independent record label and distributor, music publisher, and rights administrator of video game music. Founded in 2015, Materia has propelled the creation and licensing of hundreds of album releases including digital, vinyl, CDs, printed sheet music, and other physical merchandise. Materia’s diverse roster of composers, recording artists, and game companies includes billions of streams across the most impactful and most-listened-to video game music in history including modern classics such as UNDERTALE (Toby Fox) and HOLLOW KNIGHT (Christopher Larkin) as well as cult favorites like MOSS (Jason Graves) and CARRION (Cris Velasco). At the forefront of rights administration and accounting in the highly convoluted intersection of music rights and video games, Materia provides expert knowledge and understanding of video game music rights administration and best practices for royalty collection and policies. Their unrelenting passion for video game soundtracks, development of the game music sector and dedication to the world community of video game music continues to evolve with their international expansion, presence, and new offerings to global video game companies including: Materia Collective® (record label), Materia Editions™ (sheet music & arrangements), Materia Store™ (global music store for Materia releases & other label releases), Materia Music Publishing (video game music rights admin). Materia is also home to independent artists, boutique labels and imprints such as CURAGA RECORDS™ (lo-fi hiphop, lo-fi house, jazzy video game covers), FIRAGA RECORDS™ (Electronic Dance video game music covers) and Australia’s premier video game music record label, Boss Battle Records™.

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